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Are you surprised it took this long for Salman Rushdie to be attacked?

Asked by Demosthenes (14296points) 1 month ago

And in upstate New York, of all places?

At least he seems to be pulling through. Religious fanaticism will not win.

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Not surprised at all. It just proves that time does not matter on these kinds of things.

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Neither fact surprises me. Celebrity more or less guarantees stalkers of varying lethality. It’s the mole with its head up that gets whacked. But fanatics have loooong memories.

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@Forever_Free Interesting that the attacker was 34; literally an infant when the controversial novel was written. Guess there aren’t enough new outrages to motivate these guys.

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The world is seething with cuckoos. Most of them are indistinguishable in the jumble of humanity. And there is of course the additional bonus that anyone of us might jump the rails with some unforseen provocation. Life really is a crapshoot.

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I give him credit for doing public things (like speeches) when he had the threat hanging over his head. I realize his attitude was that he will not be stopped by religious extremism, but I don’t know if I would have been so brave.

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I don’t know who that is but I have looked him up and after reading about him this saying I read on Facebook, just this morning, came to mind.
“If you’re afraid that books might change someones thinking, you’re not afraid of books, you’re afraid of thinking.”

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@RayaHope I love that quote! Thanks.

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I expected it to happen sooner but little happened for such a long time, so thought the fanatics were over it by now.

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@Demosthenes Thank you very much [HUGS] :)

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Frankly, yes. When the fatwa was made against Rushdie, it was declared that all pious Muslims were expected to kill Rushdie if the chance arose. It was also stated that any Muslim who did not kill Rushdie if the chance arose was also condemned to death. I think they wanted him dead.

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