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Should South Park's 200th Episode been censored?

Asked by AZByzantium (206points) April 27th, 2010

Did the South Park creators go to far, or were they exercising freedom of speech? What is the problem with the episode, what is the rights of the episode?

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Seriously, Islam must have their own version of Glenn Beck somewhere.

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@Captain_Fantasy they do, his name is Osama Bin Laden.

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They should not have censored. They don’t censor the scripts when they are doing the same to Christians or Buddists. They caved.

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I’m not a fan of SouthPark. But I agree with @WestRiverrat

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I disagree with your use of the word ‘censored’. The owners choose to alter the presentation, they were not forced.

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I consider death threats coercion.

When you alter something because of a threat, I feel it is censorship by the threatening party.

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I have a question threatening death to anyone who is blasphemous against @YARNLADY – it was modded. This is censorship – death to fluther!

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@Zen_Again Again, users agree to the terms of use. The mods simply enforce that – no censorship is involved.


I never liked South Park, but I don’t think it should be censored. We should be able to criticize it and rip it to pieces with our words instead.

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actually for everyone’s information, they were censored. The creators were forced to put in more censors and bleeps by the network. they want to quit now. it was not a choice.

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I think what YARNLADY is saying is that censorship is technically something done by an outside and usually legal authority. The people who made the decision to alter the creative work of Stone & Parker have ownership (more or less) of the airwaves and thus the right to decide what goes on them.

But for all this defining and legal stuff, the execs remain cowards whose actions make us all less safe, not more safe by assuring radical Muslims that even the threat of violence will be met with quick surrender.

Thanks, guys.

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But the DID censor themselves didn’t they? Blurring out M. etc. Isn’t that a proof of moderation, self restraint and good taste all rolled up into one little ball?

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It is outrageous that Matt and Trey can lampoon Jesus Christ with little if any consequences then be given so much grief about Mohammad. Lighten up Islam and sympathisers!

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