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Can you speak more than one language?

Asked by RayaHope (5118points) 1 month ago

I have mad respect for people that can flawlessly switch from one language to another without even thinking. I can barely speak English let alone anything else. I know a few Spanish words and I love the sound of French, although I have no knowledge of the words. A Frenchman could be cussing me out and I’d be in awe of how pretty he sounds. :)

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I’m fairly proficient in Spanish. Terrible grammar, but I do ok. I probably sound like a 3rd grader. I spend days only using Spanish sometimes, like when I’m staying with my inlaws.

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Not a proficiebt now but I took French several years and again in college and Japanese just two years, learned some Vietnamese with friends.
It’s a use it or lose it skill for me, and not much call for any of those three in rural Missouri. I studied some Cherokee, too, for fun. I desperately wish I’d have taken Spanish.
Languages come really easy for me though.

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I took several years of spanish, and never felt i could converse.
I learned sign language before I met my wife (who is deaf, but doesn’t use sign language). That was 40 years ago, and I completely fail trying to read sign now. However, i don’t feel it was time wasted, since I also learned a lot about deaf culture and perspective.

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I just started trying to learn sign language recently. Just on YouTube. I can take a class where I live too, but haven’t signed up for it yet. Where I live there are quite a few deaf people. I’d like to be able to know minimal sign language when I encounter them in the grocery store or anywhere for that matter.

A few months ago my husband was remarking how useful it would be if we could communicate through sign when we are in loud places or don’t want to disturb other people.

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I can say no in English, Spanish, and French

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I speak Japanese well. I speak a smidgen of both French and German.

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English, conversational Thai, rudimentary French, a few phrases Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, a few words Korean.

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@RocketGuy @Hawaii_Jake OMG! I just don’t know how you can do that but that is awesome! My brain is not that good. @JLeslie That sounds like a marvelous idea.

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Fairly good French except for grammar and some Hebrew.

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If you go to France and just speak basic nouns and verbs (with bad grammar), they will respond sans rudeness.

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I speak Dutch, Flemish, English, and German.
My Greek is not sufficient enough to converse, but I can understand the gist of a conversation, and I can order stuff, say how I’m doing, introduce myself, etc.
French, un petit peu.

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@rebbel Je dois utiliser google translate pour comprendre cela :)

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Lol. Google translate isn’t always right, but it helps.

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I can barely speak English, but my wife is fluent in Italian and Spanish. Multiple dialects, reading and writing. What’s crazy is she has no accent in any direction.

My daughter is pretty good too. She can fully understand and read Italian and Spanish and speaks Spanish a little.

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@cookieman ¿Cuál es tu lengua materna? Tu esposa e hija suenan increíbles)

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@RayaHope: Ixnay the panishsay leasepay.

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“Oh Fluther! I speak pig latin.” as paraphrased from Airplane.

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@cookieman I think you broke my google translator, I have no idea what language that is.

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@RayaHope: See @RocketGuy’s answer above you.


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^^I never understood that, I can’t wrap my head around switching letters. Regular words are hard enough with my condition.

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@RayaHope: It’s okay. Pig Latin is a made up language anyway.

(Yes, I know they’re all technically “made up”.)

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French, Italian, Spanish, English

I like when I dream in a different language.

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@Forever_Free WOW I could NEVER imagine doing that! What’s it like to DREAM in other languages?

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I dream in Spanish sometimes. I’m perfectly fluent in my dreams. Lol. The second time I had a colonscopy I supposedly switched to Spanish as I was passing out. That’s what the doctor told me anyway.

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@JLeslie That reminds me of a video I saw about kids saying some of the craziest things while coming out of an operation.

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My daughter was saying the most hilarious things when she came out of her wisdom teeth extraction procedure. I had to keep from laughing so that she wouldn’t laugh and bust open her stitches. There are YouTube videos of people talking after wisdom teeth procedures.

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@RocketGuy Yeah those are hilarious

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