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What do you think is the true secret to happiness?

Asked by jca2 (14627points) August 24th, 2022

I ask this not because I am unhappy. I am quite content.

I ask because sometimes I see quotes on social media or elsewhere, where people will say what they think is the “secret to happiness.” It’s been a question asked throughout the ages.

What do you think is the true secret to happiness?

As this is in Social, serious and funny answers are all welcome.

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Happiness comes in different forms for just about everyone.
I don’t know if there is one direct answer.

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Having enough of what you need physically and emotionally.

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Absolute protection from people and their evil. I am sure.

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I’m reaching the conclusion that it’s sheer dumb luck.

You’ll be happy if the universe has ordained it.

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Moderation in everything.
Don’t try to be wealthy, try to be financially sound and safe.
Don’t try to be a party animal, but party in small bursts around people you trust.
Don’t exercise 7 days a week and never eat meat, but also don’t never exercise and eat McDonald’s and Cheesesteaks all day.

Just do a bit of everything in moderation.

Some people are trying hard to be one specific thing and they’re placing unnecessary burden on themselves.

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As the Wise Guy once said, Go figure.

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Being an authentic person .
Being true to yourself and others.

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Happiness is when you stop thinking about happiness.

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To be content in yourself and your surroundings. Knowing you are the best you that you can be.

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My idea of happiness is that it’s not a long-term thing. It comes in bits and pieces…something “makes” me happy, like an event. I enjoy it when it comes, but it’s not my goal. What I want is contentment, and peace with whatever comes.

As for the “true secret”, I think maybe it’s to have no expectations. If I don’t expect something, or a way for something to work out, then I just accept what happens. I’m not always happy about it, but that’s when I refer to the above paragraph.

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“The true secret”? I think that’s a phrase, and not an actual one secret thing.

But perhaps: awareness. Notice, and remember, when you’re happy. And enjoy it. And find or recreate that. And make you (and those you love) being happy one of your most important priorities in life (if not your only one).

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Being kind and generous to others always brings me a fulfilling and rich sense of joy.

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Quit worrying all the time about getting laid!

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Lol @kritiper Agreed. Anyway at my age and after being with the same woman for four decades, I’m happy to say that’s the last of my worries.

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A good, relaxing poop certainly rates near the top.

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Finding meaning in small moments.

I think many people chase big moments. But it’s the small moments that make up most of our lives.

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Abiding in the present.

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Leveling up. Transcending limits.

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