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Do I have a right to be annoyed?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12760points) August 24th, 2022

I give up on doctors.

I have had back pain for the past couple years, I go to a doctor who just gave me meds.
I went to a chiropractor and he did one little adjustment, told me to come back to “see how that worked” so he made it seem like that was supposed to do something. It did nothing. “That’ll be $50 plz”

So I still have the back pain.

I got to a specialist That I was referred to for my tendons/hand pain. Apparently it was the wrong specialist. He did nothing but tell me to take OTC meds. “That’ll be $50 plz”

I have the WORST period cramps. I puke, I shake, I get super sick and it has affected me severely. I get told to take ibuprofen (and then another doc said that makes it worse) and that’s it.

They have never taken me seriously.

So I am done with them.

It’s not that I want there to be something wrong with me, it’s that I have a lot of pain all the time that is actually affecting me and I just want to be normal. But every time I go, its 5 mins of quick tests and “Okay take some pills”.

I was going to go and see another doctor for my period cramps, but with my luck it’ll just be “Nothings wrong, take pills, bye.”

I just feel like I am crazy, that maybe I am making this all up somehow because how does every doctor tell me I’m fine? It makes no sense.

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For the severe periods you endure; why not go to a gynecologist immediately?
They’ll take your complaints serious.
A big chunk of the female population has something what is called endometriosis
which can cause very bad cramps, debilitating pains.
If it is that there might be something to against.

For the other two issues I would say, for the chiropractor; there’s only so much they can do in the first visit, is what I would think.
Next time better luck (I do understand that it’s $50 every time…)
The tendon guy; I would (try to) be assertive and tell them that you could (and probably had so) think of that ‘solution’ yourself (and save $50).

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Yeah, the chiro I get. My frustration was him actually telling me that what he did was supposed to make me feel better… that irritated me.

I actually have never been to a Gyno. I probably should make one then. Forgot about them.

Yeah, it wasn’t a tendon guy it was a bone guy (lol… orthopedics) so that’s why I think it was wrong specialist.

Thanks for your response. I forget sometimes that I am essentially a customer and I need to be assertive… yes they have more knowledge but also, and one off the street can tell me to take OTC meds lol

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If you have endometriosis (get a GYN to check for that), that could also be a source of your back pain.

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I was never diagnosed with anything for cramps. They did nothing other than prescribe me pills.

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Yes, go to gyn. Cysts, kidney stones, etc…all can cause back pain in men and women.

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@SergeantQueen – you need to see specialists for your specific pains. I have back pain. My PCP pointed me to a spinal pain specialist. She shoots me with epidural steroids about once a year. Seems to work. I do physical therapy and try to be nice to my back to keep from going in more often.

I had neck pain before. Same approach. I tried Chiro, but ended up with partial paralysis of my right hand. Bad idea. Luckily I had previously scheduled a steroid injection in my neck, which reduced the swelling from the Chiro manipulation so I got function back in my hand. My spinal doctor did not guaranty recovery from that!

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Look into a Teeter Inversion table, I’ve got a 96 year old friend that uses one. He was the “Maytag Man” servicing and delivering washers and dryers by himself. Damaged his lower back. He started using one almost 40 years ago. 60 day money back guarantee.

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Sure, but you must stay within legal and decent reactions to your annoyances.

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You have a right to be annoyed but that and a nickel (used to) get you a ride on the Staten Island ferry. We all have to learn to be our own health advocates. An Ob/Gyn would definitely be the place to start for both the period and back pains. And sometimes you have to go to a few doctors before you find one that’s a good match for you.

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Ditto the penguin’s counsel. Only I would also suggest a woman OBGYN. And were I a woman, the first question out of my mouth would be about her own personal history with cramps.

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@HP Why would you ask her about her personal history with cramps?

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Because, I believe any doc who had personally suffered such difficulties more apt to take you seriously at your complaint. One of the hindrances of our factory production model of medicine is that doctors clearly are disadvantaged in devoting actual time and concern to their patients. Success is (as with other “production”) about the numbers.

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I have suffered from back pain some. Some of it, as it turns out, was my shoes. Go and see someone who is a specialist with foot wear and they may be able to help.

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@HP Not going to agree. I am way more interested in the competence of the practitioner. My oncologists had not had cancer, my urologist had never suffered from kidney issues, and my (male) OB had never had preeclampsia during a high risk pregnancy. I am still alive because all those people were competent practitioners, not because of their personal medical history.

Really, choosing a doctor for that would be silly.

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I never claimed a lack of competence the issue. And all of those people you mentioned I believe were VERY focused on those life threatening issues. Does it sound to you like the sarge received that sort of attention?

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Any OB/GYN male or female who has not dealt extensively with women with period pain has not been practicing long or well.

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Numbers again! What happens to empathy when confronted with unending routine?

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I was simply addressing your silly premise that taking into account that inquiring about a woman doctor’s experience of cramps had any bearing on the issue at all.

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Yes to each his or her own. I’m sure as with all people, a certificate of competence is just fine.

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You always have the right to be annoyed with “fast food” style of medical treatment. It is incumbent on all of us to be aware of what we are going through and to QUESTION when someone tells you they are going to do something to you. When a doctor says “I’ll prescribe these pills and we’ll see how they do”, you need to ask about the pills…what they are, how they work, how they are supposed to actually treat your issues, etc. If they are pain pills, they are not addressing the underlying cause of the pain…they are masking the symptoms. Don’t accept treatment plans because they are expedient or profitable for the doctors.

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Yes, you do have a right to be annoyed.

I have a saying that might apply:

If the only tool you have is a hammer all problems look like nails. Specialists make that mistake. You might have to see all of them until the cause of ones symptoms are found.

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Yes, be able to channel the anger towards actions that will be good for you.

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