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What does "viva la vida" mean?

Asked by writerini (151points) September 19th, 2008

For the unenlightened: The name of Coldplay’s new album.

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live (the) life…?

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Literally, wildflower in correct. Existentially? You have to figure that one out yourself.

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Celebrate Life essentially.

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Not to be confused with Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca, of course.

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live life to the full

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Enjoy the Life

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…or death and all his friends.

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Colloquiquially “To life” or “Here’s to life”,: viz; l’chayim.

(Viva Las Vegas; Viva Zapata.)

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In spanish at least it’s a command. You are telling the people to “Live the life.” Depending on your interpretation of living. Also there is the idea of living versus surviving.

In short: “Live the life.”

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