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Are there any websites that are helpful in researching family trees and ancestors?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) September 19th, 2008

Or any archival newspaper websites, I know that one family member di-ed building the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, I’d also be interested in finding a news article about that… Thank you

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I haven’t actually used any, but there seems to be many resources online like:

The last of which, oddly enough, has teamed up with Borders.
An genealogy kiosk can be found at Border’s new concept stores.

Weird, eh?

Though if you are looking to take this up as a little hobby, you should learn to be more resourceful! (I am punny!)
You’ll get more results than asking us here. Good luck! =)

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ellis island has a site where you can see ships’ logs with passengers names and where they came from. it’s pretty informative, mate.

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Great websites, Nimis!!
I’ve personally used all but, and have had great results!!! Three generation confirmed…

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Sccro: Cool! ‘Tis nice to hear a real success story.
I hadn’t put too much stock in them before. =)

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My cousin uses the online Genealogy ones. He found that we are 11th cousins to Sarah Palin. (Do you suppose that may ever do me any good??) He has traced our family back to Charlemagne using those sites.

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are there any that are free?

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