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If you were a Russian businessman or executive, would you stay away from windows?

Asked by janbb (62281points) September 2nd, 2022

It seems that there have been an unusual number of top Russian executives dying lately by so-called suicide. Many have fallen out of windows.

Here’s an article about it:

Does this seem a tad suspicious to you? And if you were one, would you be watching your back and not looking out of windows?

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Think Putin might be tying up loose ends?

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Da, have already changed to Linux! ;)

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If I were a Russian businessman I would never go above the ground floor.

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@zenvelo Yeah, I guess the suggestion to get into something on the ground floor has even more meaning there!

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Anyone criticising Putin ends up under the ground.

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If I’d spoken out against the invasion of Ukraine, then, yes. I like to think I’d’ve managed to leave Russia, though.

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I’d stay away from Russia!

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Depends on how much pane is involved.

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I first thought you meant the Windows operating system. If I was a Russian businessman, I’d move to another country.

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“I first thought you meant the Windows operating system.”

Me too, but I went with my misperception anyway! ;D

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^^ Like minds? No my mind is all messed up ;)

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Nah, the Russians are pretty good at poisons as well. With Putin in charge, if they want you dead .. you’ll be dead.

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@RayaHope, except that many Russian assets abroad have been frozen. The world is not as hospitable to them as it used to be.

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@Jeruba They should defect (I think that’s the word) to the USA or somewhere safer.

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Russian window safety codes must be very lax. Just lean on them and they pop open.

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^^^^^^ @RocketGuy just walk into a room with one and it pops open and the floor tilts so you slide right out!

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There was the elevator in one of the James Bond movies where the bad guy could make the floor of the elevator slide out and the riders would fall to their deaths in the elevator shaft.

That was the one where the submarines were stolen and hidden under the ocean.

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According to today’s news, Russian energy executives should also stay off boats.

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I would ask Alexei Navalny what he thinks.

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^^ Planes, trains and automobiles!

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Just saw this list of untimely Russian executive deaths

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I’m beginning to suspect foul play. What say you, M. Poirot?

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