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Which mystery/thriller contains what TV Tropes calls "jigsaw puzzle plot" (explained inside)?

Asked by luigirovatti (2639points) 2 weeks ago

Here’s a description given by the website:

Lots of interesting things are going on in the series’ Myth Arc: Mind Screws, wild conspiracies, unrevealed Love Dodecahedrons, an Ontological Mystery, and the odd bit of Applied Phlebotinum or two. What’s more, It’s a Long Story, and there’s far too much to explain in the series pilot.

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OK I took a look. The problem with that site is that it feeds on itself if you know what I mean. You literally can’t not go down a rabbit hole. I’m quite sure there must be a down-the-rabbit-hole trope.
The series that comes to mind is the German show Dark currently on Netflix. It takes place across decades with some characters played by three different actors. And there is abduction, murder, time travel, mysterious power sources, characters in-the-know who give only little teasers. It is so convoluted that I took notes the first season.
Lost is another possibility.

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