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In what order should i read Greg Iles's books?

Asked by luigirovatti (2837points) 1 week ago

Especially the Mississippi and Penn Cage book series. On one of his interviews, he said the following:

If you have just read Turning Angel, you should next read The Quiet Game, the novel in which Penn Cage first appeared, and which many readers believe is my best book. Blood Memory was written before Turning Angel, and Penn’s father Tom Cage appears there in a supporting role, but I would read “Blood Memory” after “The Quiet Game,” not before. You will appreciate Tom much more then.

So basically Greg is saying to read book #2 of Penn Cage before book #1. Further, he says to read Blood Memory (Mississippi #5) after the quiet game (Penn Cage #1). It’s a mess.

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I’m not familiar with the author, but this is the kind of thing that drives me crazy! I hate when I get to the end of a book and then find out I should have read another book first which actually happened before that book but yet there was no indication of the order they should be read in.

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^^ Same with watching movies…like the Star Treks!

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