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Best subject to take?

Asked by Lion_Zigon87 (102points) September 20th, 2022

Are there any subjects at school that are considered to be the best by the majority of students?

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No. People are interested in different things. There’s no single subject that everyone loves. My advice is to experience a variety of things and focus on the things YOU enjoy.

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All of them, I’m serious. Take more than is required if you can.

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In high school and especially in college, I think the most important thing is to try to take all the subjects you think might interest you, to discover which subjects might interest you to do serious work in. For the ones you think you might, take multiple courses, as sometimes a teacher isn’t a good match for you, but the same subject might be great for you with a good teacher.

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I must also add, if there is something you are not good at, particularly math take more of those classes and get good or at least better at it. Thank me later.

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The best subjects are the ones you find the most interesting. Subjects that you like and as a bonus, if they help you in your career after you graduate school is even better.

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See youtube excerpt from the movie The Graduate.

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What school are you talking about?

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I would suggest taking writing classes.

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