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How do horses go to sleep?

Asked by Strolla (16points) 2 months ago

How do horses go to sleep!

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Standing up.

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Neigh body knows.

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Lock their knees and sleep on their hoofs.

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Go to pee, brush their teeheeheeheeettttth, and lay down.

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Close their eyes. Or start listening to Fox News.

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Sounds like, according to this video, they “deflate for storage” as my Ex used to say. Turn the sound on.

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A Guide to Horses and Their Sleeping Habits

And/or see How Horses Sleep Standing Up – Facts

And/or see Do Horses Sleep Standing Up

TLDR: They either lie down in various positions you might expect (on their sides, or sort of like a cat or dog, or sometimes on their backs), or they stay standing, which they can do by locking their knees as @Tropical_Willie wrote. Snoozing while standing lets them run away if they need to, since standing up takes them a while.

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