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What is the first question people have on their minds when they wake up?

Asked by atlantis (1862points) June 11th, 2009
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how do i get rid of this boner?

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“what time is it?”

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Where is coffee

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in that order.

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Am I dead yet?

I wonder what new questions are there on fluther?

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My mind is playing a test pattern till I can get that first sip of coffee.

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“Do I have enough sick time accrued to not go to work today?”

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“I can totally get ready for work in 3 minutes, right?”

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What do I have planned today?

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“WHAT IS THAT NOISE AND HOW CAN I MAKE IT STOP?!?” as my alarm clock wails in the background

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Which way to the toilet? Can I do it with eyes shut?

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Maybe if I don’t move my husband will get up with whatever kid is babbling next to the bed…

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Oatmeal, Yogurt or Egg?

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@Likeradar oh my gosh, that was so me today. I woke up at 5:20, and have a 15 minute drive to work. No time to really get ready at all lol

@missausten I do that as well. I pretend I’m sleeping. I think he knows my secret though lol

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Let me answer that one for you. Oatmeal AND eggs. :)
Complex carbohydrates and protein for the win.
Though yoghurt is healthy too.

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It’s morning already?

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@casheroo I have a carefully orchestrated 40-minute morning routine. Every morning I lay in bed thinking “If I don’t straighten my hair I can sleep 15 more min… if I don’t check my email before work that’s 5 minutes…” It doesn’t take long to get to “if I don’t shower or put on deodorant…”

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@MissAusten Trust me- playing dead will not work.

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@hungryhungryhortence Hey, what a coincidence: I had all three this morning! Oatmeal with thick, Turkish yogurt on top, sprinkled with fresh gooseberries, with a side of hard boiled egg and kiwi. Mmmmm!!

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where the hell am i? what the fuck happened here last night?

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I’m with @jackfright, “What time is it?”

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@Likeradar if you don’t get up at all you don’t have to do anything. ;)

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@eponymoushipster But then eventually I’ll be not getting up at all in a homeless shelter. :(

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Shall I have a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast?

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@Likeradar true. but the showers there are so much more fun.

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“Where am I? And who the hell is next to me?”

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What are the consequences for staying in bed today?

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

What? Hunh?? Grrr, kill, maim, destroy, kill, maim, destroy, kill, maim…oooh coffee? Mmmm, ahhh yeah that’s better. What a good day it’s going to be.

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Can I make myself get up and go to work one more time?

Which is going to hurt more, lying here a little longer or getting up?

Sounds grim, I know. But this is going to change soon…

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“What shall I do today?” Followed quickly by “What must I do today?”

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When I first wake up I am not thinking in terms of words.

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Can I sleep for just a little longer, please God? Whether it’s the first alarm, or the seventh snooze.

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“What the hell kind of dream was that?”

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@shrubbery, my answer to that is always “We were in some kind of place…”

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@Jeruba, haha that’s exactly it! “and like… you were there, but you weren’t you… and I was there… but I wasn’t me… and we like… did all this stuff…”

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”...and it was really weird.”

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^^Every dream I’ve ever had.

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“How long will it take for this rash to go away and what caused it?”

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Where’d I put my glasses?

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You people think way too much. I don’t have any questions in the morning, no thinkin’ involved.

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“what should i wear” or “what time is it”

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can i let myself push the snooze button again?

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NO it can’t be time to wake up! I really enjoy my sleep! Can ya tell! lol If I’d go to bed earlier I wouldn’t find the rise and shine coming at a bad time.

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I usually wake up with a stiffy, boner, woody or whatever euphemism you prefer. My first question is usually “Damn, why does it always go to waste?

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@Fyrius: If I eat just the hard boiled egg white, will I get any protein?

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Egg white is almost all protein, no fat, no cholesterol.

” can be said that one large egg contains about 6.5 grams of protein, out of which egg white protein content is about 3.6 grams. But yolk also contains fats…”


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how is my dog?? how bad will my foot hurt?? I have to pee…what time is it??

or do not pass go…..zzzzzzzzzzzz

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“I wonder if my mother is okay”. she is 92, lives alone and in a wheelchair.

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“Am I Really rested or just kidding myself?”

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“Why couldn’t the dang alarm wait another hour?” usually followed by, “Can I afford to hit the snooze button?”
After I’ve sorted that out, it’s “What day is it? Am I supposed to do anything important?”

“Where is my shirt? Where are my shoes?”

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Where is my pack of cigarettes?

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What time is it???

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What day is today? Do I have to go to work today?

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Do I feel like P. Diddy?

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Do I need sugar or insulin?

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Is it a work day or a day off?

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Oh! It was just a dream?

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How badly do I need to pee? Can I lie here for 2 more minutes?

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