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What is the Walk Score of your neighborhood?

Asked by raum (11929points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Is this an important factor when choosing where to live for you?

Do our international jellies have their own rating system for walkability?

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I got 44 out of a hundred although I can walk to the train to NYC, a bakery and the post office. And my hair salon and the ocean. I used to walk to my bank but they closed that branch.

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I got a zero. But I am in a small town with a lovely park with trails and 45 minutes from a national park, so I feel like my walking options are great. I think the score must mean you can walk to grocery, shops, schools, but to be fair you can walk across my town in twenty minutes so I don’t know why it gets a zero.

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@kruger_d Yeah, I think it has to do with what services and amenities you can get to without a car.

Oh and @raum for the second part of your question, walkability is very important to me. I really prefer walking to driving.

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I have no clue. I just know I can walk from one to the other of this town in 10 minutes. If I could walk.

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@Dutchess_III There’s a way to find out in the link that @raum provided.

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I got a 90. The link called it a Walker’s Paradise. Daily errands do not require a car.

The bike score is 98. A Biker’s Paradise. :)

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I got a 26. Bike score of 40 :)

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I got a 34, “car dependent”.

This makes sense as it is a bedroom community where myself and most of my neighbors commute to work and school each day.

Lots of miles on my cars. Been doing it for years.

I’d love to live in a more walkable, public-transit accessible area, but those neighborhoods tend to be out of my price range.

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I can’t get to anything without a car !

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Yes, walking is very important to me.

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The computer says: Walk = 40. Bike = 43

Our house is boarded on 3 sides by woods with several miles of hilly trails that connects to a 5 mile hilly loop trail around a nearby golf course. We enter the woody trails from our yard.
We’re training for a Grand Canyon hike from the North Rim to the South Rim in 3 weeks. We’ve been hiking 8 miles of the hills in our back yard 3 times a week with full backpacks.
I love walking. I love to walk and walk and walk. HA!

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Clearly this is about urban/suburban areas. My score of 7 doesn’t reflect at all the fact that I walk my child to school, get most of my food from within 500ft of my house, or have 15 miles of hiking/ski trails out my back door.

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Where I live, it’s walkable within the little community, to the mailbox or to neighbors. Cars don’t come in here unless they live here, or for delivery services like UPS or oil delivery. So for that, yes, we can talk walks and it’s safe and walkable. However, to go shopping or to a restaurant, it’s not walkable. There is a restaurant about a mile away but there are no sidewalks, and the road is twisty, so you’d probably get hit by a car or cause an accident. Bike riding, yes, people bide ride on these roads but drivers get mad because the roads are not that wide and there are double yellow lines, so while we try to share the roads, it’s tough. There are horses right across the street, but the roads are too narrow and cars go too fast to take those horses on the main road. It is a “rural road” or “rural route” according to USPS but it’s like a highway during rush hour now.

I got “Walk score 0.”

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I should add that I live in a lake community, so many people here have rowboats, kayaks and motorboats. I sometimes remind people that if we want to visit someone who lives on the other side of the lake, we could boat there easier than we could drive there. We could also swim there, in warm weather.

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My area rates a 60 in walkability, 41 in bikeability. Walking is important to me, but not always physically feasible. I wish it were more bikeable, but the roadways here are not great for that.

Cool Q, @raum, thanks.

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The score seems to be mainly about whether you can get to shopping etc without using a vehicle, and not about being able to go for a nice walk or not.

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@Zaku I agree. I pointed that out above.

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My neighborhood got a zero! ” Walk Score of 0 out of 100. This location is a Car-Dependent neighborhood so almost all errands require a car.
The closest park is Braddock Bay Fish and Wildlife Management Area.”
No surprise there.

People love to walk and bike on this road for exercise. It is also a good place to learn how to drive a car.

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In Europe we’re allowed to walk wherever the fuck we want.
100 out of 100.

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I got a zero, which isn’t a surprise. Small forest town 25 miles from anything.

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My nearest supermarket is a 2 minute walk away, the nearest Döner shop about 4.
The nearest bus stop is 10 minutes away.
The nearest train station is 15 minutes away.
The nearest ATM is about 20 minutes away.
So i would give it a 7.5/10.

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@ragingloli Europe in general is much more walkable than the U.S.

Where I’m living right now gets a 75, which is better than I was expecting. A lot of what’s within walking distance are strip malls on a big boulevard so those aren’t as pedestrian-friendly as this map estimates, but in general, there is a lot within walking distance and you don’t need a car to run most errands.

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My nearest supermarket is a 20 minute walk away.
The nearest bus stop is 2 minutes away.
The nearest train station is 20 minutes away.
The nearest ATM is 30 minutes away.
The nearest forest with beautiful walking paths is 2 minutes away.
The nearest coffeeshop is 40 minutes away.

I’ve lived in way more walkable areas, with the caveat that nature in those places was a park, at most. I don’t really miss anything except for the coffeeshop.

I’ll give my location a 60% walkability because there’s no cultural attractions or community centers around here, and the road is steep and devoid of sidewalks.

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You forgot the nearest Dönermann.

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This is why my neighborhood received a 90. Here’s a list of places within 3 miles from my home:

Schools at all grade levels, including university.
Three hospitals.
Dozens and dozens of restaurants and bars.
At least five music venues.
Multiple doctors, therapists, veterinarians.
A few grocery stores.
Government offices.
Multiple parks.
Two lake fronts and several beaches.
A bus stop across the street from my home.
A few libraries.

Pretty much anything I need. The airport is only five miles from me as well.

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I can walk to my mailbox !

My house is on a circle, off the main road. It is 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometers), if I walk the outside of the road in the circle.

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My walk score was 3. Bike score was 4. Absolutely meaningless scoring methodology for measuring livability or real estate factor.
Walk Score is a subsidiary of Redfin. This is their way of some meaningless number to try to sell someone property.
Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

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My walk score was 50 which is an underestimate as I don’t own a car and I walk or cycle everywhere I need to go, with the exception of occasional bus journeys.

My flat is next to a riverside walk and cycleway which connects with a system of canals and towpaths that reach out into open countryside. I can get to nearby towns, or the pedestrian precinct of a major city, without encountering a single vehicle.

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@ragingloli Apologies. The nearest Dönermann is far away, probably an hour of a walk. This is a real problem.

Happy Reunion Day. May you live in plentiful sauerkraut and never lose your labelmaker.

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Not giving that my address.

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@Dutchess_III I just put in my zip code.

@Forever_Free I take it with a grain of salt. Considering that it’s developed as a real estate tool. And geared towards urban/suburban neighborhoods. But still interesting numbers.

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I wish there were also scores for access to nature and trails. Sounds like there are some lovely communities that don’t necessarily have a high walk score.

Though @Jonsblond ‘s neighborhood sounds pretty amazing!

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@longgone What’s Reunion Day?

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Score was 0. Probably because we have to go to neighboring towns for Walmart and grocery stores.

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@raum October 3rd is our national day, commemorating the reunification of Germany in 1990. Usually, nobody does anything special. There’s just a bunch of speeches from politicians. But I’ve made a bit of a tradition of going on a little hike with friends, and today we combined that with some typical German food.

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@longgone Oh! I totally remember our whole middle school class watching the wall come down.

Happy Reunion Day, @longgone! Hope you had a lovely time with your friends today.

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My neighborhood has a walk score of 75–but thousands of miles from a German Dönermann. :/

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@raum I don’t find this information interesting at all. It also is irrelevant now in a world of a remote work force where how much you can walk around your home is much more important than can you take public transportation and walk or bike to work.
I find it as a disservice to rural areas. As mentioned in a few other posts, this score does not take into account any nature trails. They can’t as they are not normally public information.
I am blessed by having an immense varied amount of nature walking trail right out my driveway. They even connects to the Appalachian Trail. A walk score of 3 out of 100 for me is ridiculous and doesn’t take any of this into consideration because it is not in the scope of what they are selling.

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@Forever_Free Erm…I did say it’s interesting in the context of urban/suburban neighborhoods. And that they should also include access to nature and trails. It’s an imperfect tool.

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@Forever_Free Yours sounds like a very limited perspective to me. Many, many people don’t have the luxury of remote work and need to rely on public transportation to get to work. Many people don’t have cars and need local access to food stores and banks. As a (cough, cough) senior, I would definitely consider those factors as I will increasingly be limiting my driving.

I do agree that it might be a better tool if it measured recreational walking and hiking in a separate category but I don’t see that as the purpose of this ranking.

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I agree with @raum and @janbb. I recognized the limited parameters as laid out by the link, which are practical assessments of specific criteria.
Yeah, nature trails and such would be nice, but were not the focus of the link. There are probably other sites for that.

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@janbb My view is far from limited. Where I live and what is around the location and available to me matters greatly. My access to public transportation, bike paths, walking ability was top of mind since I started working many many eons ago.
I considered it when I bought property on the beach and still commuted into Boston on public transportation and biked or walked to my train and to my office.
I considered all the things as well when I bought my property on a mountain in the Berkshires.
I just do not think this Walk Score it is a good measurement and includes all the aspects and perspective due to the bias.
All the personal variables need to be researched by the individual and not just a Redfin score..

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@Forever_Free If I were looking for a rural property, I wouldn’t use this site.

Not every tool is designed for every job. I don’t get mad at a Phillips screwdriver for having a bias for certain types of screws. I just choose a different screwdriver.

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@raum I’m not mad bro. I just answered your OP honestly.

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@raum pics from my walk after work today. This park is three blocks from my home. I’m never moving again.

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@Jonsblond Wow, I can see why you’d never want to move again. It’s beautiful!

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