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What are your latest pet peeves?

Asked by JLeslie (65409points) October 5th, 2022

Mine is I can’t stop the microwave in my apartment from making loud long beeps a few times when the time is up. Once the beeping starts you cannot press anything to silence it. You can stop the cooking before the time is up to prevent it from making the sound in the first place.

Another of mine is people leaving a mess. I just went downstairs to the lobby to get a hot chocolate, and there was coffee or chocolate all over the machine and some puddles on the floor. There are paper towels right there to clean up any mess you make. I flipping walked in it. What is wrong with people? I cleaned up the floor pretty well, the machine needs more work.

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Nothing really. Just one of long standing, where I get really agitated when I get stuck behind people who hesitate at red lights. Give that car some gas and get out of my way. You can go sit and scratch your ass somewhere else!

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I don’t like the word peeves.

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@rebbel I like it in verb form. Peeved.

Never quite got the phrase “pet peeve” though. Were they just super gung ho about alliteration? Or is there some actual meaning to it?

EDIT: I googled my own question.

“A pet peeve is an annoyance that’s nurtured like a pet — it’s something someone can never resist complaining about.”

I’m not sure how I feel about that definition.

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Overuse of exclamation points on social media. Also, I’ve seen a lot of people type this out: “No !!!!!”

Not only are the exclamation points annoying, but the spacing drives me crazy.

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I love exclamation marks!!!!!

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Being charged a monthly fee for Word. After I purchased it outright for $80—$100 to stop the reoccurring charge after I had to reload everything after a crash with my Dell Desktop.

Also not being able to pick from the hundreds of Microsoft dealers, and not being able to pick which ones are legit.

My computer crashing once a day for 5 minutes.

Every printer that I purchase only lasting one month than refusing to work.

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Also, currently not being able to adjust my bottom fleece blanket so I don’t sleep on the edge of where the mattress meets the blanket.

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Apostrophe Abuse – excessive and incorrect use of the apostrophe. I’ve seen it on this site in the past few days – someone wrote “hero’s” and “menu’s.” This is something we learned around 3rd grade spelling class.

Credit card surcharges – here in NY/CT restaurants can now legally tack on a surcharge for customers who use credit cards. The charge is typically either a percentage, like 3.5%, or a set fee, like $4. It used to be illegal to charge a surcharge of this type, but now with credit card fees being higher, and businesses being pressed due to the pandemic, lawmakers are trying to help out the businessman so it’s allowed. Once this type of charge has begun, it will never be removed. Not all restaurants do it. It encourages one to pay cash, of course, but when going out to eat, we may not always have that large amount of cash on us.

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I work where we have a parking building. Employees have to use their badge to get in the garage. It’s been that way for at least 30 years. So it seems that at least twice a week I’m stuck behind someone that is emptying their purse looking for their badge. Why not keep it handy? Mine is in my car, easy to grab.

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@jca2 You reminded me of my pet peeve with autocorrect. It constantly puts apostrophes when I write the words were and its, and when I write names with an s on the end. Plus, it will say something isn’t a word when it’s a perfectly good word.

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Ignorant people.

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My “pet peeve” is dogs peeing or pooping on my lawn.

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@janbb I like the pun. Neighbor dogs keep killing my grass in the same spot, and the spot is not that small, maybe 4 feet by 2 feet. Pisses me off (see what I did there?). I was told if they just pour some water over the area afterwards it should dilute it enough to not harm the grass. Very few dog owners do it, and most dog owners think people are awful for caring about their lawn staying green.

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People who ask what my pet peeve is.


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I thought of a big one, which really annoys me:

When I call a company, a doctor’s office, etc. and I get the automatic answer thing which makes you go through a lot of prompts and then hold. For example, “thank you for calling ______. If you are a doctor’s office, please press 1. If you are a patient, please press 2. If you are calling to make or reschedule an appointment, please press 3. Do you know you can access your health records on our website, www. There you can look at test results, message your doctor, or request a refill of a precription. If you are calling to speak with a nurse or other staff, please press 0.”

So annoying. I get it with banks, hotels, doctor’s offices, cable companiies, insurance companies. Just to go through the prompts takes five minutes.

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There are things that annoy me. But I’m not exactly complaining about them all the time. Does that count?

- Wet socks.
– When you sharpen a pencil and the lead keeps breaking. And you end up with a nub.
– When cars run red lights because they’re looking at the pedestrian walk sign instead of the traffic light.
– When you choose a pot that’s too small for your spaghetti and one end is uncooked.

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So @raum, you could just break the spaghetti in half.

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omg too effin’ funny, @chyna. Way to seque!

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@chyna I do that when I realize the pot is too small. But sometimes I’m just optimistic. :P

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I recently purchased a diatomaceous bath mat to absorb water when family members step out of the shower or bath. Despite the effectiveness of the mat keeping the bathroom floor dry I still find myself wiping water from the floor because my grandson is unable to stand on the mat while toweling dry.

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