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What is your recent..."I really hate when that happens"...experience?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) October 9th, 2022

Today I was outside doing stuff in the yard and when I came in a certain part of my chest was cold and it hurt like heck. I tried to warm them up but it took a long time. (ouch)

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When I can’t remember the name of something that I know I know. I was trying to remember John Le Carre’s name last week and I could not.

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This week, when I had to air up the tires twice because of the crazy temperature fluctuations. 95F when I leave for work, in the 50s when I go home in the morning. This time of year is a pain in the ass.

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Oh, I don’t think my mom ever has to do that from day to day. She keeps them the same year around. Or maybe the car does that on its own? Not sure about that.

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I was told by the guy at tire shop that it happens alot when temps differ wildly. Had all four checked for nails or screws, but nada. Had the same issue before with other cars.

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I hate when food at a restaurant is overly greasy or sopping in oil or butter, especially when it is an implied healthy meal. Yesterday I ordered Salmon with rice pilaf and green beans and I could tell it was drenched in fat. I feel like every time I eat out it shortens my life.

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Oh, goodness, there are so many. One is my (losing) battle with gravity. My hands have grown stiff over time, and I drop things. Sometimes that triggers a cascade of things. And I’ve become clumsy and bump into things or knock them over. And of course my body itself is showing the unkind effects of gravitational pull.

Other things:
•   spam phone calls
•   splashing food on the front of my clothes, especially red sauce
•   getting all settled somewhere—at my desk, on the sofa, in bed—and realizing I forgot something (glasses, phone, book) and have to get up

These things happen all the time, sometimes several in a day. I don’t know what’s most recent, but I didn’t spill anything on my clothes today.

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Today we planned to go on a day trip to the coast only to find that due to a train strike no trains are running.

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The thing that first comes to mind is spilling food on, or damaging new clothing (as I wear it for the first time.
Never fail, in that regard.

@janbb Try to remember him by this: square John.

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Lost a nice fishing rod last night. Was not looking and the damn fish pulled the whole rig into the lake. Only happened once but certainly hated that.

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I have a new one.

I was watching This Week on Sunday and they showed a clip of Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville Saying: They want crime. They want crime because they want to take over what you got. They want to control what you have. They want reparations because they think the people that do the crime are owed that. Bullshit.

Could you be more racist? Holy crap!

Then, the host of This Week turns to a guest, Jane Coaston, to give a comment, and her comment in part was …specifically with regard to marijuana, that the people who use marijuana are Black men, when actually marijuana use is incredibly popular across a wide spector, including older people. Have you been to The Villages in Florida, you see a lot of Trump voters who are eating a lot of edibles…

(I realize it should be spectrum, but she said spector).

So, what annoys me is pulling out The Villages again as some sort of Trump hot bed and that Villagers are all swingers, partiers, and high rates of STD’s. All of which are exaggerations, generalizations, and stereotypes. People who get infuriated at stereotypes and generalization see fit to make them about my city. Hypocrites.

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I landed a beautiful brook trout yesterday while fly fishing that spit the hook and jumped the net just before I snapped the picture.

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