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Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

Asked by Hmm (50points) September 20th, 2008

Just wondering. What do you prefer?

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Tim Horton’s! I’m not big on extremely strong coffee, so I like Tim’s better. Plus I grew up near Buffalo, so I know real Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnuts.

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Since Starbucks doesn’t have TimBits, I will go w/ Tim Hortons.

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I prefer Tim Hortons. Their food is cheaper and tastes better.

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We don’t have a Tim Hortons around here so I will have to say Starbucks!

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Dunkin Donuts.

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Now you are talking! DD ~ is the best ever!

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And for me second best would be MaryLou’s!

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i never heard of tim horton’s. i don’t really like starbuck’s coffee – i think it’s too strong. i do like their atmosphere, though. i love DD coffee. to me it’s perfect.

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Timmy Hoes, is vastly superior and cheaper than SB. If you have an iPhone, one of the best Apps you can get is “Timmy Me”.

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Hah. I lived in B.C. for a few months, and I loved Tim Hortons. If I remember correctly TH is more like a donut shop. Starbucks is more of a coffee house. Starbucks’ coffee is pretty bad. But then I’m a coffee snob.

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If you forced me to choose between those two, I would go with Starbucks. In Seattle, I like Tully’s. In the Bay area, Peete’s. That’s among chains. Mostly, I like individual businesses.

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STARBUCKS gives me internet. Mmm.. Internet.. (Drools)

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I’ve never even heard of Tim Horton’s, so if forced to choose from the given options, I’ll have to go with SB. The desserts they serve and scrumptious concoctions they create are expensive, but unique and exquisite. But, to confer w/ the collective, DD DEFINITELY has the BEST regular coffee, not to mention the doughnuts! :D

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No Tim Horton’s here…I’ve honestly never heard of it before now.

I’m a Starbuck’s person, but recently I’ve been brewing my lattes at home-YUM!

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Tim Horton’s is our Canadian equivalent of Dunkin’ Donuts. They’re everywhere. Just walk out the igloo and it’s there!

I must say, Starbucks. They have fun little sayings on the sleeves! Oh, Thomas Edison you crack me up.

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For excellent donuts, you must try Krispy Kreme – only at a place where they actually make them, only when they are hot and just made – they melt in your mouth.

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In Seattle, Top Pot won my vote, their coffee was out of this world and their doughnuts are 2” thick.

Elsewhere, I like Port City Java(lattes), then Starbucks(everything), then DD (regular coffee and doughnuts). Sadly, no TH’s here in western MD. Had their stuff while visiting in Missouri once though -yummy.

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timmy ho for prime minister! i get a double-double almost every morning. everything there is cheap, and the ice caps rule the world or at least canada. cant wait for rrrrrrrroll up the rim to win!

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@Mtl Zack – one of my friends won a bike on her roll up the rim!

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I dont really can say I like starbucks; since the wifi in my notebook died, i cant enjoy wifi. So I would go for the coffee. hey, they dont sell Irish Coffee there! hmmm… I would then settle for Tim Hortons… but wait! there’s no Tim’s here in Chile… but the other day i bought some veery cool Tim’s brand coffee mugs! very well crafted mugs! simple, but cool. starbucks only has those paper cups…

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