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Beverage warmer gone bad?

Asked by nightwolf5 (1447points) 2 weeks ago

So, I have one of those beverage warmers. You set your mug on it, to keep your drink warm. Got it used and I think I’ve had it at least a couple years, and has worked great, til now. I used it for my coffees and tea drinks. Last night I noticed the light indicator was off shortly after turning it on. I could not get it to come back on, even after plugging it back in. This morning, same thing, light came on, then off in a few minutes. So I got another one a bit ago at Goodwill for $4.00. This one works fine, like the old one used to. I understand things don’t last forever. But is it possible it just burned out? I don’t think I did anything. I just found it strange. On the plus side, the one I got to replace it with turned out to be blue, which is my favorite color. Old one was black.

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Did you check to see if it was warm? Maybe it was just the bulb going bad. I ha V e seen bulbs do like that if they have a break in the wire, but still connect if in just the right position.
It sounds like you did get s good replacement.
I had one of those warmers, also purchased used. It worked fine until I gave it away. I don’t even remember if mine had a light.

Good luck with your blue one.

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@Patty_Melt Thanks. I thought that too, with the bulb. But no, I find it’s no longer hot once the bulb goes off. Only for a few minutes. So odd. And then it won’t turn back on or get hot.

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I had that happen to my kettle too. Thought It was a lime build up or something else. It happens. Time to buy a new one. EDIT my toaster stops working from time to time.

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@Patty_Melt Yeah it’s odd. I just plugged it in again. And there’s no light on, but it is getting hot now. So it might very well be the bulb. I feel dumb to keep trying. It’s a plain push button. So, I think maybe the issue was it’s been hard for me to tell if I have it on or off before, with no indicator light. Still maybe it’s nice to have the new to me blue one as a spare, and I can actually tell if it’s on!

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Heating elements are attached to frame at each end, usually by a rivet or a soldered connection. And yes, metal does corrode over time, as a result of the heat/cool cycle.

It is entirely possible that there is a hairline crack that has grown where the heating element is attached. It’s tiny, so if you move the heater and turn it over, it might reconnect (briefly, but then it will be sporadic. I have seen this same issue with toaster oven heating elements, which is the same idea on a larger scale.

The problem for me is that to prove my theory, you would have to take the whole thing apart, which would render it unusable. So we will never know for sure.

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Well, how ‘bout that! Glad it all worked out for ya.

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