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How does the NHL hockey schedule regular season games?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24454points) November 17th, 2022

Teams need time to commute from all over Canada and USA. They need to book hotel rooms in advance, or team bus/jet.

What is the magic to getting the logistics behind 30+ teams over two countries scheduled?

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Each of the 32 teams plays three or four games against the seven other teams in its division, three games against the eight teams in the other division in its conference and two games against the 16 teams from the other conference.

The 2022/2023 schedule was published back in July. Most cities with a team have a hotel that all the visitors use, so it isn’t hard to book rooms. It is probably easier to manage NHL Teams than NBA teams that require larger accommodations.

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It’s certainly a big job, whoever is in charge of it! It would be cool if the schedule prioritized something like good circadian rythym, or minimized greenhouse gas emissions, but I think TV broadcasting licenses are the most important factor.

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Additionally they realigned the league conferences and division to align teams geographically for less travel and more local rivalry.
While Sports has always done this, it was seen as more of a need during Covid due to the International aspect. in the NHL.

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