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In your estimation, how many alien civilisations out of 100 have invented the zipper?

Asked by ragingloli (50909points) 2 months ago

Since it seems to be a very specific invention.

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It’s of such practical use that something “zipper-like” is almost a guarantee provided these civilizations are like ours.

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Are velcro, or a series of buttons, or a series of holes with a string through them, or a sticky strip, zipper-like enough to be considered the same invention?

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No, it needs to be THE zipper.

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Then likely zero. Odds are humans would not even reinvent it.

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Zero. Any sufficiently advance civilisation would have dispensed with the zipper long ago and replaced it with something that works much better and doesn’t get stuck.

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Who says aliens wear clothes?

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Zippers are used for all kinds of things. Like body bags that soldiers return in from Iraq.

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0. Tape and/or elastic are all that is required.

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Gilsnuxians secrete slime that obviates the need for adhesive technologies.

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