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If a parent told you that your child is bullying their child, how would you respond or approach the situation?

Asked by chinchin31 (1863points) 2 months ago
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It happened twice when my kids were little. Both times the parent denied their children were at fault. Hey when your kid is hitting my kid over the head with her own toys, that’s a big problem!

Both times I ended the relationship.

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I just reread the question. I would try to work it out, try to understand the situation from the other parents point of view. Ultimately the safety of everybody is most important and if my kid cannot behave in somebody else’s home we leave.

I’ve done that before too.

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I would be very upset but would try to talk to my child calmly and hope to impress on them the effects of bullying. I suspect there would be some “consequence” involved as well.

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I would ask my child what’s going on and then if my child denied it, I would confront her with what I was told by the other parent, and see if she admits it. I would then talk to her about the importance of being respectful and nice, and maybe asking her what it would be like if someone did those things to her.

I might also tell the other parent to let me know if their child tells them about any further incidents.

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I would start a long term experiment on how long a child can stay functional with an incremental loss of body parts. I shall begin with removing the right pinky.

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I can’t add to @jca2 and @janbb.

Except maybe to examine what, in my life, could be causing it. Do I get crazy angry with my child? Does my S/O?

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Listen to the explanation of the accusation and at that point determine what, if anything, to do. When someone uses the word “bully” I usually disregard whatever they are saying. The word should be reserved for the most obnoxious dangerous people. Children will have spats and hit, pinch, pull hair, knock down, bite, etc. Every contact doesn’t rise to bullying, which requires an element that is both domineering and ongoing. This is my lifelong opinion.

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