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In your opinion what will end the human race?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22111points) 2 months ago

My opinion will be human greed nothing more.

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The sterilization of animal males because of the amount and increasing amount of birth control drugs in the environment.
Since 1973, sperm counts have dropped by a little more than half, I heard the other day.
Also, there is no place or water source on Earth where you cannot find birth control drugs.

When will it end? In my unscientific estimation, less than 250 years.

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A combination of greed and bigotry, coupled with egotism and shortsightedness.

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Coupled with wilful ignorance.

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Egotism laced avarice.

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I’m convinced that environmental degradation will lead to the end of the human race before nuclear conflict will.

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The human race can survive most disasters but perhaps not an all-out nuclear war or a massive asteroid hit.

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I believe that it might be possible for a supercollider to maybe create a mini black hole. The black hole will gobble up the whole planet.

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Plain & simple…humans being human!!!

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Humans will end humans. I’d like to say a meteor or climate change or something else, but in the end, humans will end the human race.

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I agree @seawulf575 but will it be from greed, or the unwilling to make changes now instead of when it’s too late?

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@SQUEEKY2 It tends to all fall to the various sins. Greed, lust, gluttony, pride, wrath, sloth, and envy. All humans have them, all are impacted to one extent or another. I tend to find that pride, greed and envy are the biggest players, but really they all have their place.

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In a billion years or so the sun will expand and engulf the Earth. If we haven’t found a back up planet or colonization of deep space, the human race will be gone extinct.

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Or so? More like 4 billion if it matters. The issue will be settled looooooooooooooong before that. I figure by the time Florida disappears and palm trees sprout at the poles, it will be as good as over. But though clearly dumb in the aggregate, the more clever of us will engineer our destruction in advance of the say 200 hundred years before air conditioning becomes a must in Alaska and outdoor barbecues are cooked on the sidewalks in Texas.

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Side-effects of ecological abuse. Probably climate change.

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“Us vs. Them” mentality.

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A massive Volcano eruption

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@Jonsblond That wipes out the entire human race?
That would be some Volcano!

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