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Can you help me figure out which pocket knife my uncle gave me?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) November 26th, 2022 from iPhone

As a boy my uncle gave me a knife. Subsequently it was gone. I don’t know what happened to it. It meant a lot to me.

I’ve looked for its replacement, but no luck. I can’t figure out who made it.

It was a drop point bladed knife. The blade was around 2” long mirror polished steel. The handle was green and plastic like. The handle had an ergonomic upper part almost like finger guards. The handle flared out near the joint.

I think the name of the brand was abbreviated to 3 letters.

It would be special to find another one.

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Was that in the 19th, or 20th century?

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@ragingloli c. 1992. It was a modern looking pocket knife.

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Was it a lock back ?

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@Tropical_Willie Yes, I think so. The handle was contoured. So it did not have hard edges. I think it had a little logo like Nike’s ACG logo. Which is “ACG” in a triangle, but I’m fairly certain it was not a Nike knife. (I am not 100% sure it was a lockback)

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How about this.

BSA maybe ? Look up Boy Scout knives.

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Have you tried an image search from your phone or computer? Type in all the parameters you can think of and see what comes up.

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It’s tough, around that time flea markets began to be flooded with knives like you describe. I’d look at google photos of “knives made in 1992.” Then keep clicking through photos that look more and more like it until you hopefully find it.

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@Tropical_Willie and @gondwanalon thanks for your effort :)

The knife had a handle that was smoothly contoured. Maybe something you’d see on a kitchen knife. The surface texture was micro-textured like a five star notebook, or maybe a super nintendo.

The blade was a polished drop point. Thicker towards the base.

The color of the handle was closer to forest green, than it was to lime green.

It would not strike you as a cheap knockoff of a spyderco style design. No flat handles, or thin matte blades with bowie looking shapes.

I probably can just search it for a while.

I was thinking I could just replace it with a nicer one that had a lot of those features.

But, it wouldn’t be the same.

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CIVIVI is a company with many knives that resemble my old knife.

My uncle did a trade with his friend to obtain the knife. These were quite honorable fellows.

It was not an absurdly valuable knife, but it wasn’t a cheap style knife.

I still misplace things sometimes. So, I don’t know all those years ago what might have happened to it. I won’t offer my suspicions. My other uncle also gave me a pocket knife (I asked for), and I still have it. A Gerber Paul II. Which is one sweet little pocket knife. It has a very similar blade to the one that went missing.

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I’m helping with thoughts and prayers!

Let us know what you come up with. Good luck.

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