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Can you solve this quasi-paradox? The solution is very easy actually...

Asked by AhYem (348points) January 2nd, 2023

If the picture isn’t shown here, just click on the link (or copy/paste it) and you’ll see an interesting thing that looks unsolvable, while in fact it’s very easy to solve.

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I figured it out, although with an explanation other than has been given there. Later I figured out that both explanations were possible i.e. correct.

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I saw this photo. It’s interesting. It’s a puzzle in the Escher fashion.

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Classic stuff. I love it – And the FB reactions from people viewing the image and getting confounded by the “puzzle” (“This is internet BS. Stop messing with people’s minds!)

Strictly in terms of psychology it produces a brain response generally refered to as perceptual paradox, where visual input and logic functions mismatch.

SPOLIER ALERT – the link below shows how the puzzle was actually created by a metal fabricator :

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^^ HA! Nice. My little brain was about to pop!

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I do not use facebook.

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I recognize this from a book of optical illusions I had as a kid. I can remember a photo of a wooden recreation of the Penrose triangle and an adjacent photo showing how it was made (the angle the first photo is taken from makes it look like an impossible structure).

There’s also the Penrose stairs.

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I know of a couple different ways to achieve that illusion and am not motivated enough to determine which they did. But each of them basically comes down to taking advantage of the assumptions your brain makes when processing visual information, especially light/dark areas.

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This is a very simple 3D illusion that can be made in a couple of seconds:

1 Take a strip of paper
2 Fold it in two
3 Fold it in two again to make a zigzag shape.
4 Stand it on your desk
5 Look at the object until the folds reverse.
6 Now move your head.

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