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What actually is "Bingo"?

Asked by ragingloli (51959points) January 3rd, 2023

Other than a preset fuel level at which a fighter pilot has to return to base.

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Bingo (exclamation): an expression of surprise and, usually, pleasure, for example when something happens successfully (Cambridge Dictionary)

Ex: I was just about to give up waiting when bingo! – he turned up.

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It’s the farmer’s dog.

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It’s a game for 2 or more players. Sometimes it’s a community event, such as Bingo Night.

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When you fill in all the boxes in the above game, you shout “Bingo!” And that’s how it became an expression of surprise and pleasure.

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It’s a lot of things. Some are named above.

Bingo is:

A game

The name of a farmer’s dog in a childhood song.

An exclamation when someone gets something right.

An exclamation when something surprising happens and changes plans.

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It’s a game a few old people made me play with them a few months ago. It was kinda boring since I never won any money. :(

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his name-o.

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An expression that appears in several Quentin Tarantino movies.

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Bingo (the word) can also mean “there you go!” as when you get the correct answer to a quesstion. “Bingo!”

I think of the noun, the game which is played by lots of elderly people in community centers or in gambling halls. It seems very boring and for those who like to sit for long periods.

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A dingo with a speech impediment.

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^^ But will a dingo named Bingo take your baby?

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@Blackwater_Park Naw, probably a dingo named Bingo will take you daby!

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One does not cover all the squares for a Bingo, one just needs to cover 5 in a row, down, across, or diagonally. And the center square is always Free.

One shouts Bingo! because two people may get a bingo at the same time, but the first to shout wins.

The game was very popular during the Great Depression.

I have never heard it used in terms of the return to base for fuel level.

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