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What external hard drive for a MacBook will you recommend?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28433points) January 7th, 2023

Thank you.

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In full transparency, I’m as Windows baby. I use a Western Digital “My Passport”. They start at a 500 Gb & go up to a 5 Tb. I’ve been using them for over 15 years. They usually last at least 5 years before having problems. They’re not overly expensive. I’m pretty sure that they also have a drive for the Mac, but you might need to research that further if you’re interested in this device.

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I have several. I side on Seagate only because I worked for them along time ago and their quality and form factor is good for me. I however do have a WD passport and WD My Book.
I use the 3–2-1 Rule. At least three copies of your data; two of the backups should be stored on different types of media, and at least one backup should be stored offsite or in the cloud.

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Thanks jellies! Great info.

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