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If you were a business, what would be your slogan?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) January 7th, 2023

Something that will entice patrons to come spend money for your goods.

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What kind of business?

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Fun every day.

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What if you had a mower shop @JLeslie?

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I’m the business according to the Q. Maybe I interpreted the Q incorrectly.

If I was selling mowers it would be: Marvelous Mowers. We have the best selection. Or whatever described the business.

When I owned a golf cart repair business our slogan was We Come To You. We were a mobile business, we came right to your house.

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I saw this company that drilling water wells was their business and their slogan was “Your Hole is Our Goal” a bit crude but it was catchy and funny. lol

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@Dutchess_III For your mowing shop: We fix so your grass is greener.

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I’m going with the interpretation that I am the business,

In which case my slogan would be..

Unusually Open

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We do it all for you,and of course your money.

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Books R Us

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On Break. Be Back in a Week.

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Never know what you might find. Stock changes hourly.

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Best Little Mower House In Kansas

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Extremely reliable sometimes.

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We Can Make It Better!

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@LuckyGuy (We Can Make It Better!) but we prefer to cheap out?

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@SQUEEKY2 Those two statements are not mutually exclusive. ;-)

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Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By.

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