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Do you think I should be allowed to go see Armin Van Buuren?

Asked by theloveprophet (347points) September 21st, 2008

My favorite DJ, Armin Van Buuren is going to be in my city (Minneapolis) on October 1st. The thing is it’s an 18 plus event.
I’m a 17 year old who makes 20 dollars an hour and is in college.
I should be allowed to attend this event. Why do these restrictions exist?
Maybe this isn’t a good question. I’m just frustrated that a 246 day barrier exists between me going to an event that I would do anything legally to go to.

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Unfortunately isn’t a matter of whether or not you should be able to go or not, but legality issues. One cannot sign a legal contract, buy legal drugs (cigarettes), and be tried as an adult in a court of law. The latter two could be the reasons that it is an 18 plus event. I am 18 and I felt the same way when I was 17 but it is just the law. 18 is also the age of adulthood in some states. This could also be part of it. So, yeah, I think access should be based on a maturity level, but unfortunately it is not.

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Fake I.D., anyone? Just gotta bring the year back one year. :P

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Haha. I hate it though because my brother gets to go to all these shows of all my favourite DJs and I can’t go with him just because I’m 246 days younger than the limit. Screw the law.

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Again, I concur, but screw the law enough and the law will eventually screw you…unless you are careful.

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You’re absolutely right. You get a great answer click :)

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I went to many 18+ concerts before I was even 15. Oftentimes the restricted age is because the venue sells alcohol. Usually they will still let you in, and if that doesn’t work use your brother as a chaperone. Very few places are strict enough to deny access to someone under their age limit.

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