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Is it possible to get "more" sick?

Asked by andrew (16380points) September 21st, 2008

If my SO is confirmed sick, and I’m feeling under the weather, will I ultimately regret kissing her?

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You are certainly stacking the odds against yourself.

Consider that you might not have the same EXACT virus. Unlikely, but possible.

If it were me, I would throw some distance between me and my SO and break out a box of Chlorox wipes (for doorknobs, phones, faucets, etc…...not the SO ha ha)

Good luck.

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Just do it in the shower.

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If you both are sick with the same bug, I doubt anything will happen. But if you have one illness and she another, you may come down with the other one, because your immune system is already weakend.

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The idea I always go with is that my S.O. probably already spread whatever they have to me before they were showing any symptoms, so there’s no point in avoiding them now.

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How could you tell whether you were simply getting more sick from your ongoing virus, or more sick from a second virus? Also, you might both already have the same thing, but owing to different immune systems, you are less sick than she is. Or, the time course is more delayed in your case compared to hers? In this case, I have to agree with our lay Dr. JP… ;-)

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@shilolo: But, would exposing myself my germy lady’s kisses increase my risk factor for infection? Epidemiologically speaking?

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Probably not. In any event, you are exposed to her germs on your clothes, doorknobs, refrigerator handle, sink, toilet, etc. etc. Hard to avoid all those places while she is sick. And, while some might say your immune system is “weakened” during your current infection, it may be the opposite (since you are young and healthy). Your immune cells are now activated and fighting off the current virus. That may, incidentally, help you fight off a new virus.

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And neither of you feels too rotten to simply wait a bit, or just make chicken soup for each other?

(how’s the cat, btw?)

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My husband always kisses me when I am sick – he says he is, “taking the sickness away,” as in sucking it right outta me. He’s a horny bastard, that’s all I gotta say.

Since my daughter and I are both in schools, we are constantly bringing things home and passing them back and forth no matter how hard we try not to.

I vote kiss her, get sick together, and enjoy your days off…in bed…comforting each other….:)

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@Rowenaz gets the blue ribbon on this question. ^^

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I agree with Gail. Nothing warms the heart, the soul, and the stomach, better than a hot bowl of homemade chicken soup. That’s how I won over my wife…

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If you’re already sick, and she is too, I wouldn’t worry about getting a bit more sick.

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@Shi; “Isn’t it romantic”? After that exposition from Harp about the short duration of hyperexcitment, maybe a good pot of soup is better in the long run.

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I think if you live together, you’re kind of a goner.
As Shilolo said, impossible to avoid all that stuff.
Might as well kiss her.

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The answer is quite easy: Margaritas. You can’t get sick if you’ve been taking the Margarita cure.

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Sue: Forgot about that oldie-but-a-goodie.
Hard liquor also works wonders for knocking stuff out.
Just take a shot of whiskey and plant one on her.
Or was that the reverse? No matter! It’s fun either way!

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My husband made me a pot of homemade chicken soup today! He really is a lovely man. I’m still trying to kick the bronchitis.

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Oye Vey.

I believe the contamination period is the day she thought she was coming down with something. After that, it matters not. In addition, if someone coughs or sneezes within @ 8 feet of you you’re gonna be exposed to the virus. Both of youz should get a flue shot and stay out of elevators.

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So my bf and I went through this and let me say from experience: it’s a BAD idea. Even if your SO gave it to you, it might have changed enough between you two that you can re-sicken the SO. We passed one cold back and forth for a month doing this before I said no more. NO MORE.

So, anyway, yes. Bad idea. Wait to kiss/make out. You’ll thank me later.

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