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Do you like English muffins?

Asked by RayaHope (7311points) 2 months ago

just wonderin’

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Yup. Love ‘em!

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Yup. Thomas’s are good but my kids sent me some from a bakery in Napa, California that were amazing!

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Yes, even more so with Canadian bacon, tomato slice, poached egg and hollandaise with a tiny sprinkle of Cayenne pepper.

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Sure, though we rarely buy them.

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Love them, but don’t often buy them.

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Have them on hand at all times.

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I have one every day, first thing, with a skim of margarine and an almost invisibly light spread of apricot jam. That plus a stick of string cheese and a glass of freezer-chilled orange juice are my breakfast every day. So yes. They always feel like a treat.

@janbb, what was the Napa brand? I ought to be able to find them around here.

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It’s Model Bakery. I ordered them by mail a few times since.

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I love just about anything I can drown in good butter.

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@Hawaii_Jake, I’d love to put some Kerry Gold on these, but I have to keep my dietary splurges within respectable limits.

@janbb, thanks. I’ll look in my local grocery stores.

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Sure, I like English muffins. They’re about half price at Trader Joe’s compared those at Kroger/Jewel/Ralphs/whatever stores. As with all things wheat, I go for the whole grain version.

Toasted English muffins with butter or hummus or peanut butter are a delicacy to me.

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Yes! Trader Joe’s wheat ones, toasted with peanut butter are a favorite snack of mine.

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I ate 2 of those this morning with honey and peanut butter.

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Yes. English muffins make the best hamburger buns!
Try it! You’ll never go back!

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Yes. To some extent. An english muffin with just butter and jam is delightful. Few breads have as much distinctive flavor unto themselves as English muffins.

@filmfann – The problem with English muffins as hamburger buns (my mother was fond of this) is that they aren’t as substantial as proper buns. If your burgers are juicy or you don’t devour them quickly enough they become drenched messes.

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@Entropy I find they stand up to grease much better than standard buns.

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Thanks to the moderators for fixing my question! ((HUG)) ♡

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Love them grilled on a flat top !

When I’m not on a low carb diet.

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I never have liked English muffins.

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Baked with butter until the butter caramelizes.

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I love Trader Joe’s English muffins. I especially like them with butter and marmalade.

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I love them but don’t buy them too often. I usually would have the Thomas’ brand. I feel like they’ve gotten smaller from what they used to be.

At least three people on this thread have recommended Trader Joe’s brand. I live about ten minutes from a TJ’s and am due for a visit. Will report back one day soon!

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Yes, but off brands often taste of preservatives and don’t crisp up properly.

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Nope. Because of way better available options. Croissants, bagels, cinammon raisin bread…

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@mazingerz88 What if I loaded it down with real butter honey and a touch of cinnamon?

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Sure do. I don’t have them often. Just like McDonald Egg McMuffins :)

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