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Have you ever purchased trip insurance for a trip, and if so, can you give me any tips?

Asked by jca2 (16390points) January 27th, 2023

I am planning to go on a trip to Alaska this summer with a group. The trip is being organized by a national automobile organization, and it’s close to 6k, which includes flights, hotels, some meals, ground transportation, and a bunch of admissions to things like boat rides, train tours, museums, etc.

The trip insurance is about 350 each, which, I have researched to get a ballpark figure and that price is not out of the ballpark. However, I can’t compare it to anything without knowing what, exactly it covers. I emailed the trip planner from the automobile association and she sent me a link to search the insurance site but it’s not specific to the insurance plan. She emailed me and told me what it includes (emergency medical, travel delay, baggage protection) and if you need to cancel for any reason up to the day before the trip.

The last time I went on a tour, it was over 20 years ago and the cost was $25 per person at the time, so I didn’t even research it, I just went for it.

I don’t distrust the person making the trip plans, since it’s backed by the auto association and it’s in conjunction with a local group, but I like to research things before I agree to paying 700 dollars for two of us.

Have you ever purchased trip insurance and if so, do you have any tips for me?

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Yes I have. I usually don’t but if thetrip cost ishigh or there is the possibility that someone mayget ill, i will buy it. Cancel for any reason is usually only covered if you buy iy within 14 days of booking the trip. That price seems reasonable. I’ve never tried to collect for a loss though.

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I purchased trip insurance about ten years ago for a cruise I took. My main reason for purchasing it was trip health insurance, which covered air lifting me if necessary. It might have covered the price of the trip also I don’t remember. I was only a few months past my accident and still have some problems.

A lot of people warned me that some trip insurance is a pain in the neck to actually get your money if you have a claim. One thing I heard is the trip insurance sometimes is actually through a third party, so you might think you’re buying it from the cruise line of airline, but it’s actually a separate company.

I bought mine through USAA, which I trust, but I know you don’t have access to their services. If I remember correctly it was just under $250 each, but I was only in my 40’s and it might have gone up anyway.

The best would be recommendation from people who actually have had claims.

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My mom bough trip insurance for our trip to Florida last year because of the hurricane at the time. I don’t know what she paid but she did check into it to see what it covered and it covered everything that seemed important like the flight and the hotel if we or they would cancel.

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