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What is a good weekend getaway near San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4179points) November 9th, 2006
I just finished a very stressful month at work and am looking for an affordable place to get away and unwind. Someplace beautiful, within a few hours from the city...any suggestions? It's going to rain this weekend, so no camping...
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The colors in Napa area are great this time of year.
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Tourists are gone too, so costs are lower.
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do you have suggestions for an affordable place to stay?
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Orr Hot Springs. Sit in warm water and stare at the sky...and its not sketchy like Harbin is supposed to be.
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The Best Western in Sonoma is GREAT and really nice for a Best Western.
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BIG SUR!!! Do not go to Harbin. It is sketchy mcsketcherson like Abby says.
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I'm in love with Pescadero. There's an adorable bed-and-breakfast and a cozy pub with artichoke soup. Oh, and nearby redwoods.
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There's also a ton of great beds and breakfasts in the Russian River area.
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It's a bit further than others, but Mendocino is gorgeous. My personal favorite is to rent a little house from MCR (, but if you're in the mood for a B&B, try Fensalden Inn.. it's off the beaten path, and you can pretty much just sit on your porch and watch the ocean/fog and try to keep your books away from the pygmy goat. (
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bikeriding to wineries around napa and then message, mudbaths and mineral spring jacuzzi at a spa
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Yosemite! Have you been before? No? You gotta go.
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i'd love to hear whats sketchy about harbin!
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i went to harbin once and there were a few threesomes making out in the hottubs. No thanks!
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UPDATE: we went to Wilbur hotsprings and it was absolutely perfect. gorgeous old 19th century inn next to lovely hot springs. I highly recommend it.
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For future weekend getaways, you might want to check out 71 Miles,
"the definitive guide to weekend trips around major cities"

Biz Stone wrote about it in March 2007, sometime after it launched :

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Good question, but what is probably the most excitingly romantic place to enjoy your time with someone that’s equally exciting which would not take away from the location’s own enjoyment?

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