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How does a writer that previously wrote nothing but pure shite, suddenly write critically acclaimed tv shows (Chernobyl and The Last of Us)?

Asked by ragingloli (51224points) 1 month ago

Has he sold his soul to the devil? Is he using a ghost writer or AI?

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I would guess he’s got a ghost writer.
Not sure why he wants to take credit for someone else’s work besides the money.

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Perhaps he is finally writing about something he really cares about or he done some real research into it. We all get moments of brilliance once in a while.

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You are referring to Craig Mazin, who wrote terrible comedies, but has success with dramas.
Comedy is hard.

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I got a chortle out of the Hangover sequels. But you’re right. Chernobyl is probably the second best miniseries in the history of television and The Last of Us is sensational.

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Was he the writer for the original “The Last of Us” video game? If not, then one can certainly make the case that he was adapting a work that was already phenomenal.

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He did not write the last of us. Neil Druckman wrote the source material.
I was so worried they would fuck this up. So far I’m enjoying it and they have done a great job capturing the atmosphere in the game. They needed to cast Carrie Anne Moss for Tess though.

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I watched the Pewdie Pie playthrough of “The Last of Us” and was quite moved by it. (It was during lockdown)

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I played that game when it came out way back on the PS3, then the remaster on PS4 like three times. It is by far, the best story ever told in a video game. The second game, was just as good IMO. If you have not played either…. Go play them!

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^^ IDK, FF7, Resident Evil and Silent Hill may have something to say about that!

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Played those too… Not on the same level. I do have a soft spot for silent hill and resident evil 2 though. That’s PS1 era, long before your time.

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My dad got me started on those old games and I kinda fell in love with them. Except Silent Hill, that is one scary game.

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They’re classics for sure but if you have not played the last of us 1&2 you need to. The Witcher lll and possibly Skyrim are the only games that really come close. They’re a different kind of animal though.

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I’ve watched someone play TLOU and Skyrim on YouTube. lol Never seen the Witcher III, I bet it’s scary too.

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I enjoyed Mazin’s silly comedies. I would rather he write more comedies. I have no interest in dramatic programs like Chernobyl and Last of Us, well-written or not. Real-life nuclear catastrophe. Family/ human drama with zombies. I had enough of that after 6 Walking Dead seasons. Drama and zombies. From video games. Zzzzz….ngrk…

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@mazingerz88 “Drama and zombies. From video games. Zzzzz….ngrk…”

Some video games have better content than most of tv and film these days. Even without the full context of that scene (which adds a whole other emotional layer to it) I think anyone would be impressed with that scene.

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@mazingerz88 It’s too bad. You’re missing out on some fabulous writing and directing.

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^^No doubt. I saw the first episode of Chernobyl and felt it will be a well-crafted series. Could be I’m not after just great writing and directing but lighter fare with hopefully almost similar attributes.

There was that very well-done post-apocalyptic film with a father and son drama starring Viggo Mortensen. That’s enough of that plot for a movie for me. I really don’t seem to like dramatic movies extracted from video games. Action-horror from video games, yes. If they are decent and effectively exciting and scary. There’s only one I like revisiting from time to time. The very first adaptation of Resident Evil.

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