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Did you ever have a teacher that didn't like you or seemed to ignore you?

Asked by RayaHope (7297points) 1 month ago

I had a teacher once that didn’t seem to know I was even alive. She kinda ignored me most of the time. I was quite shy and quiet but she even forgot to give me my paperwork sometimes.

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I went to a Catholic school my first two years and I think my teacher didn’t like me. I was always good at reading but she gave me an “F” in reading (the only “F” for the year) in the third quarter and then had me held back to repeat the second grade again.

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Yep. Many. I dropped out, succeeded in life anyway. Kid was in public school until 8th grade. Teachers we’re failing again. Took kid out, home schooled, graduated early. On the way to great things now.

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Math, 8th grade, Mr. Fontana. Asshole didn’t recognize that maybe I needed more of something that I wasn’t getting, and only paid attention and interacted with the kids who did great. Meanwhile, I couldn’t seem to memorize simple addition or multiplication tables and counted on my fingers or guessed. What a jerk.

My dad got pissed at me every report card and I’d get a spanking for an F, which I got regularly in math. But did he help me? Noooo… I still don’t get why he didn’t help me. He was Dean of Engineering at a university. Why didn’t he see I had a problem and figure out a way to help me? Asshole too, as far as that situation goes. Still don’t know addition or multiplication by heart.

Likely had ADHD, but not diagnosed with adult ADD until my 30’s. When I was growing up it wasn’t even a thing. Even if it had been, my folks wouldn’t have acknowledged that I might have something that would spoil the public display of the perfect family. Fuckit. Long over now.

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Never! There was always mutual respect. I was a good kid. I did my assignments and got good grades and did well in school.
I even learned things!

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No. Like @kritiper I went to Catholic School my first few years. Mother Superior ran the show and she liked me, and I liked her. I was pretty much her little pet. Got along pretty well with all my teachers, even ones I didn’t care for. Like my 10th grade History teacher, Mrs. Battles. People called her Battle Ax and she was. But she liked me for some reason. I even developed a rapport with the Dean of Boys. I smoked a cigar in the cafeteria on a dare once and busted. The guy suspended me from school for two days , Saturday and Sunday. Pays to have friends in high places.

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@smudges That is terrible. It is sad that no one helped you and even punished you for it. I know your pain, really I do. {{{HUGS}}}

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Sad stories from people in here. I get depressed hearing about people being mistreated. I suppose I was lucky in life and lucky growing up. I had a happy family life and people liked me who probably shouldn’t have. Can’t imagine being treated like @RayaHope and @smudges

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I need someone like @NoMore by my side when I was growing up. Things would have been much better! ((HUGS))

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Hugs back atcha Raya : ) @RayaHope

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Thank you @RayaHope & @NoMore It helps that others recognize how wrong it was. I grew up pretty much believing that it was my fault and that I was bad. It took time and a lot of therapy for me to believe differently. I finally stopped believing I was unloveable and it wasn’t my fault in my late 40’s.

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Yup. Youngest of four kids. I had teachers that didn’t like me because I wasn’t as smart as one sibling. And others that didn’t like me because they assumed I’d be a trouble-maker like my other sibling.

I’m just me.

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^^THat’s not fair to compare you to others like that! You think a teacher would know better.

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@RayaHope You’d think so, right?

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Most do know better @Rayahope. We go through 4 years of college to know better.

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