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Why would a key and a transmitter cost so much?

Asked by Bri_L (12196points) September 22nd, 2008

I just had to replace the transmitter and key to my Toyota Minivan. The transmitter cost $147 and the key cost $47. They are going to charge $50 to program the stuff.

What is up with that?

Should I just add this to my “why do hot dogs cost so much at the ball park question” and assume its “because they can?”

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Yes, it’s because they can. I needed a new fob for my Honda Odyssey. The dealer would have charged $128 for the transmitter and yes, close to $50 to program. Instead, I went on eBay, got the transmitter for $30 shipped and programmed it myself. Now the key, you pretty much have to pay them for that, but take my advice, you can save yourself over $150.

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@ dalepetrie – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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