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Have you tried portable storage?

Asked by spinfast (2points) September 22nd, 2008

I am looking at a local move that will require some storage as well. Does anyone have experience with ? The whole portable storage idea looks so much easier than self storage.

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I haven’t. But I would personally go with something like this.
The example you’re looking at seems a little unsecure.
Anyone with an exacto blade could probably make off with your haul.

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I have a friend that used Pods and was satisfied.

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Be sure to check into the local laws concerning the pod-type storage, or pods being delivered to your property. We considered using it when we closed out my mom’s house, but it was against city code to have containers like that on the property where they were in public view. Check at both places, as the codes may vary.

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Plus, we were driving around one time and saw one of the smaller ones knocked over.
Don’t know how it tipped. (Drunk assholes?) But that would kind of suck.

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I highly recommend pods. My mom used them when we were preparing to move from Florida to Virginia. It sat in our driveway (in a neighborhood where the KIDS had broken into our home before) for about six weeks total in the middle of hurricane season. Nothing was damaged at all, and at least once I saw kids kicking it.

PODS rules.

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You have a lot of choices when it comes to mobile storage (I used Check out the for companies in your area.

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