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If you've ever used PODS moving & storage service, what was your experience?

Asked by Jeruba (55570points) March 12th, 2022

Still looking to solve my sorting, packing, and moving challenges, I’m thinking about the PODS option: park a POD in my driveway, fill it gradually, and then have it taken across the country.

Have you ever used this service? If so, how did it go, was it the right choice for you, and would you do it the same way again?

Bonus questions:
Did you use more than one service, such as a moving van company?
How did you handle valuables and fragile items?
What kind of help did you have on the personal side—i.e., not paid pros?
Did you use any of PODS’s other services, such as packing, loading, and car transport?
Was it worth what you paid for it?

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~It was terrible. (for us)
A year ago, my son, daughter in law, and grandson used one to pack their things and move back to LA. They used U-Haul Pod. The process worked so well. It was orderly and efficient. They could leisurely pack what they wanted over a period of a few days. Everything went like clockwork. Not one piece was damaged. Nothing.
But the house seemed so sad and empty when they left. That is why I say “it was terrible.”

Actually I can’t say enough good things about it. Even though it was sad.

Please have a friend or two help you. I’m sure some of us would be willing!

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I used PODS for storage. I was very happy. My moving company delivered to the PODS facility and loaded the PODS for me. I chose PODS because I really liked the manager at the location; I went and met him in person before I decided. I was able to see the facility.

PODS let me remove items for free any time with 24 hours notice. They would bring the POD out, let me stare at it as long as I wanted, always very nice to me and patient. Other storage companies charged a per hour fee. I only needed to do it once. This was years ago, it might have changed.

I didn’t use them to move me, because I didn’t think the PODS were packed tightly enough. When really good movers put your items on a truck, everything is strapped in so it can’t jiggle around. If you pack your POD well then it should be fine though.

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I have not, but I have two friends who did.

Both of theirs worked flawlessly – Pod was delivered when requested, picked up correctly, then delivered to the new place as promised. For both of these friends – in their 30s – it was cost effective and worked well. They and their friends did their own loading and unloading.

For an old coot like me – I don’t want to do the lifting. But if I were 30 years younger, that’ss how I would move.

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I used PODS to move from the Big Island to Oahu. It was perfect. I highly recommend it.

I used movers as well to actually load the PODS. They packed it nice and tight. They moved the fragile items as well, and nothing was damaged. These were movers I hired and not PODS movers.

I had my children to help me personally, but I still had to do most of the packing alone.

PODS was worth every penny.

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Thank you, thank you all. I’ve gone ahead and asked for a quote and set up an account with PODS. Still waffling, but they have a no-penalty cancellation policy, and that is comforting.

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Sorry about the off-topic, @Jeruba, just that I am very glad that you are taking positive steps forward. You’ve been having some fraught times, moving ahead is a good thing.
And personally, I look forward to some great visits when you get here (if here-ish is where you’ll be getting…)

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There-ish it is, @canidmajor: back where I never thought to live again. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Now I just have to overcome inertia, mass and volume, dead weight, and terror.

Seeing you and other East Coast friends is a great prospect, mitigating an inevitable sense of loss that goes with a major life change, no matter how welcome or necessary. Helping me to reframe it as I’ve been encouraged to do.

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New Jersey is a wonderful place for a visit!

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I know. <g>

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We used PODS when we renovated our house. They dropped it off, we filled it, then they picked it up. When the time came, they reversed the process. All went according to plan.

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