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What was the coolest car you ever owned?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) February 12th, 2023

The car you liked the best, don’t need to be expensive or even all that great (to others) as long as you loved it.

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I once owned a scale model of a Lamborghini Countach.

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I am not a car person, but the coolest truck I ever owned was 1965 4X4 Power wagon it had light bars , jacked up like 4X4’s should be mag wheels the thing was a sherman tank,and super easy to work on.
But alas in todays world 18mpg isn’t feasible, now I own a newer import truck that gets good gas mileage.

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I had a 1972 MGB. It was a really fun car.

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My Fiat spider convertible in the 70s and now my 2013 Mini Cooper Roadster.

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I had a Hot Wheels General Lee as a kid.

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I actually have always been drawn to relatively cheap, cost-effective vehicles. I’ve owned:

1) 1982 Honda Accord (technically belonged to my parents, but I used it from about 1990 onward)
2) 1995 Saturn SL (bought used in 1997)
3) 2001 Toyota Corrolla (bought used in 2004)
4) 2013 Hyundai Sonata (first new car).

None of these are sexy cars. The Sonata is indisputably the most ‘tricked out’ I’ve owned. My first 6 cylinder. It’s also a good LOOKING car with the midnight indigo paint. But I consider it one step shy of a lemon and I hate it. I’ve had so many mechanical issues that you just shouldn’t have with a new car, IMHO. I got past them and it’s mostly plateaued since, but I still dislike it and will never buy a Hyundai again.

I think the Saturn was my favorite. It was a really nice car for a low price and no frills. If GM hadn’t f——ed with Saturn shortly before I needed a new car, I probably would have bought another Saturn. Unfortunately, a gigantic Ford pickup pulled in front of me and totaled it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 lol! You one of dem Duke boys?! :D
@ragingloli darn, scale model…tisk!

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My first car was a 1962 Impala.
Everyone told me what an awful car it was. I am sure it would cost more now than my last 3 cars combined.

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@filmfann I don’t know what your last three cars are/were and I don’t know if your Impala was a two door, four door, hard top, rag top, wagon, straight 6 or V-8 BUT I do know I would take THAT over all those other cars!

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@Dig_Dug 2 door sedan V-8.

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@filmfann Fantastic! Very nice, not sure why “they” said it was awful? Apparently they had no taste in cars. lol Wish they made them like that now-a-days. You could sleep in that trunk!

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I liked my Porsche 911 convertible. I still can’t believe my husband sold it.

I also really like my Volkswagen GTI. It was a basic model with cloth plaid seats and it was a stick.

I thought they were both cool I guess.

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@JLeslie Your husband probably bought a house with the money or made a heck of a down payment. lol Don’t know the year but those aren’t cheap!

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@Dig_Dug Porsche prices have escalated like crazy. He sold it right before the prices started to go way up. He did buy a GT4 at the time, and that is worth more now, but the other cars would have gone up more.

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1953 Chevy two door sedan with 327 and 4 speed in middle 1980s.

1962 VW Bug with Chevy station wagon rims, Koni shocks, glass pack extractor exhaust, modified distributor and carburetor.

1969 BMW 2002Tii with Koni shocks, Ansa exhaust, special wide rims with XAS tires and shaved head (no air pump on exhaust manifold).

Family had a 1958 Oldsmobile Super 98 4 door hardtop, tri-color paint (two different greens and white roof top and accents).

Current ride is 2010 Ford SHO one of 1,100 in Ruby Red for that year. Can do the quarter mile at drag strip in under 14 seconds and 105 MPH. If I keep my foot “out of it” it will get 28 to 29 miles to the gallon on highway

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I had a 1968 Cortina GT, had so much fun in that car, but it wore out after four years.

I had a 1972 Dodge Charger that I bought used in 1976. What a piece of crap. I ended up selling it in 1979 for scrap, because it hadn’t run in years. It needed a complete new throttle linkage and carburetor system.

As far as cool, I had the most dates in an 82 Volvo with manual transmission.

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2008 Ford Focus with 5 speed.

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!968 Ford Mustang.

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1972 Fiat sport coupe (a sentimental favorite)
1987 BMW 325 (best to drive)

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In 1977 I bought a 55 Chevy for $2,500. It need a lot of work. Over the years I estimate that I put over $20K into it (paint, engine, lots of upgrades, new interior). It was pearl white with orange flames when I got it. Now its got its original paint color “midnight blue”. I named it, “Mr. Midnight”. The blue color is so dark that people think it’s black. At car shows it’s won 4 trophies. Fun to drive. Whenever I get behind the wheel I’m 18 again. HA!

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1967 Mustang (still own)
1966 Impala SS
1972 Z28 (Still own)
1989 Jeep Wrangler YJ (still own)

Any of my other Wranglers that I still drive (2009 JK, 2021 JL Rubi)

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My favorite which ONLY excited ME was a hottt red 1978 Toyota Celica GT!!! I went from a 1966 silver Chevy Impala that had belonged to my Mom to the Celica, so I felt like I had died & gone to Heaven!!! I looked for a pic to link here but it does NOT look so exciting anymore, so I’ll just keep that memory in my favorites album in my brain!!!

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@LadyMarissa If it was hot enough for three “t’s” it’s hot enough for me ;)
@Forever_Free (still own) WOW! nice!

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I had a Pontiac Grand AM that I really really loved.

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I have two. Are hunting truck that is old but it works. The next car is our 2023 Hyundai elantra which is our newest car but I like it.

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