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Do you use a VPN and if so, do you ever get locked out of fluther?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) February 22nd, 2023

I do and have been locked out (because of tripping the spam filter) twice now and I’ve only been here 13 days. Is there certain VPN’s that work better with fluther or is there something else I should do? I would like to stay safe on the internet, I’m sure we all would.

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I think it is the location of your virtual server – - – my wife has difficulty with her VPN logging on to some of her websites. I think Brazil and one other country were blocked by the site she was trying to get connected.

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May I ask why you are using a VPN? Personally I don’t use VPN here. It’s not a website that I’m worried about. I only use VPN for websites that I’m suspicious of.

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I guess I just feel safer using a VPN everywhere. I also have HTTPS (only mode) on to insure I’m not hijacked by unsavory scammers.

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I rarely use my VPN for this site but it’s never been an issue when I do.

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@Dig_Dug scammers here can only reach you through the PM system of Fluther because your email is protected by the system. The email is hardly used unless for emergency situation like password recovery.

Also more and more websites are discouraging the used of tools to mask your identity because unsavory people are using them to do horrible stuff, think trolls or scammers. I once tried to use Tor on a website and it flat out told me I wasn’t allowed because it detected me using Tor.

And also VPN are actually good most of the time… except for when you are using the kind of VPN that spammers also use. Websites are now getting better at recognizing VPNs from spammers. And they can deny access to those VPN.

So, are you using VPN on this site just to make yourself feel safe, emotionally?

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I use one all the time and I don’t get kicked off of Fluther.

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@Mimishu1995 Yes but also since I had my email hacked last year. It was a hassle trying to get over that (and really there are still repercussions from that) since I was never actually able to close it.
@KRD could you tell me which one you use?

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@Dig_Dug like I said, emails are rarely used on Fluther. Unless there is a super hacker that is really able and willing to do a wide-scale hacking operation and extract everything from everyone here with the evil intention to hack into everyone’s emails, it is unlikely to happen. This site is too small and obscure anyway for a hacker to be that interested. I have been here for years now, without a VPN, and I have never had a single incident of my email being hacked.

And also do you register here with an email? If you are that concerned about privacy, don’t you think putting your email on here would still be a giveaway for a hypothetical hacker to hypothetically steal your information?

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@Dig_Dug I use Bitdefender VPN.

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@KRD Cool, I’ll check into it. :D

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There are about as many security reasons not to use VPN as there are to use it. Fluther does not seem to react if I’m on VPN or not though.

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@Dig_Dug How is it working for you?

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@KRD oh I ended up trying Surfshark, I almost went with Express but it was a little pricier.

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