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What would you do in this peculiar afterlife scenario?

Asked by Zaku (30164points) March 5th, 2023

After your death, you find yourself in an other-worldly high court.
You are deemed unworthy of paradise.
The judges explain in an ultimatum that you have three choices:

1. Become a 15-year-old boy in North Carolina, who becomes a major of a newly formed detachment of a volunteer regiment during the American Civil War.
2. Become an unhappy 15-year-old boy in the Bronx in 1951, who lives in a rented apartment and works full-time in a photo lab.
3. Choose to destroy your future soul, your consciousness, and yourself, forever.

If you refuse to make a choice yourself, you will be sent to a type of hell.
What would be your decision or words for the judges, and why?

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What a strange question. Probably number two.

Second choice would be number three.

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Probably Number 3 since I feel that’s what happens anyway when you die. If you posited that no one who loved you would have any memory of you as a component of Number 3, that would up the ante for me.

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Simple. Would choose option 1. Not sure why option 2 the boy is unhappy, maybe running a successful photo lab may cheer him up, but option 1 looks like an awesome life.

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Option A. Under the condition that I intend to go over the Union side as soon as possible. I will not give my life to preserve slavery. If these supernatural douchebags condone that, then do your your worst. Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies.

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@Acrylic Just curious, you think being a soldier in the Civil War would be an awesome life? Thousands of young men getting killed in gruesome battles?

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@JLeslie Yes, it is a very peculiar question. A weird and unsavory part of The Twilight Zone.

@janbb Yeah, I too often react to such questions with a desire to not participate in a universe managed in nightmarish ways.

@Acrylic Interesting. It occurs to me that 15 is rather young, and offers chances to change circumstances. Many 15-year-olds are unhappy. The first choice would certainly be an experience . . .

@NoMore A hopeful choice. :-)

I typically also distrust such choices, and want to understand better the situation, the thinking of the supposed people posing such dilemmas, the full conditions, etc.

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@janbb @Zaku In this scenario I assumed I’d be born into that time/era with no knowledge of any past lives. It was going to happen whether I’m there or not, so of the 3 choices given, that was the most attractive to me.

It may be because I really enjoy reading about the mid-1800s American west. Pony Express, Comstock lode, building of railroads and telegraphs, etc. Would assume after my stint in the military would move to present day Nebraska or the like and live out one of my favorite historic eras. Would just have to live through something that was going to happen whether my being there or not.

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@Acrylic Makes sense.

Yeah, it interests me that question of what (in theory, or in actuality) a person takes with them into new reincarnations, or not. It’s not often explored, especially in questions like this, which are worded without explaining such details which could utterly transform the supposed experiences on offer.

Thanks for elaborating!

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Number 2.
I think I could swing that into a career in girl on girl pornography. Given the professional photography background…

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In reality I expect number 3 and I don’t have a problem with that. Nevertheless, if I had the choice, I would pick number 2. I am reconciled to my soul going into oblivion in due course but I don’t want to make that decision today.

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I’d be more comfortable with option one if it were a Texas regiment rather than a South Carolina unit. My State was hard pressed by Comanches during the Civil War, the line of settlement was driven back 200 miles. So anti Confederate, pro north guys were given an option of the Texas Mounted Rifles, a unit sent west to fight Indians and weren’t required to fight the Union. Served two purposes,.kept them from going over to the North with thier arms and horses (too far to travel).and helped contain the Indian raids. I suppose I can live with that arrangement. Better than being hanged : ) Interesting scenario though.

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Sorry. None of those three.

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Option 2.

If I’m unhappy because I’m fifteen and getting through a case of teenage angst. And not just indefinitely unhappy.

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@raum FWIW, apparently option 2’s unhappiness would be about a very painful/impactful young relationship with both parents, needing to leave school to work, etc.

And apparently these folks mean to zap your consciousness into the new life starting at age 15.

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@Zaku Dysfunctional parental relationship? I already have that in my actual life. :P

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All three choices sound like hell on the surface, but I believe I’d pick number (2). Who knows, maybe one day I’d get to go on a photo shoot and find my soulmate!

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