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How do you get on game shows?

Asked by KRD (5264points) March 7th, 2023

Do people sign up? Are they invited or what?

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You apply.

Then depending on the show, you may have to pass a test (Jeopardy), audition (Family Feud) or show up to see it get filmed and get asked (Price is Right).

A boss of mine had a son and two daughters. They applied for Family Feud and went to an audition at the studio in Los Angeles. They were appropriately enthusiastic without being crazy, and they didn’t swear. They got on and won.

From what I hear, the test for Jeopardy is tough.

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You apply and go through an audition process.

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The simple answer is that you have to apply for the show or shows you would like to take part in.

My advice is to tell of something special or weird that has happened to you. The stranger the better and to more chance you have of being invited.

In my case I fell out of a helicopter when in a war zone. I fell about 20 feet but thankfully I only broke my arm.

When I told the game show about this I was invited to appear but decided in the end not to continue.

But when people go on these shows the compare likes to talk to the contestants and if they have something to talk about it goes down well with viewers.

Good luck

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