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Would Katherine Scarlett O'Hara been happier if she married Ashley Wilkes first from the start?

Asked by Acrylic (3358points) March 16th, 2023

Secondary question: would he have been happier if he didn’t marry Melanie? Ashley did propose to Scarlett in the book sequel titled Scarlett, published 1991 written by Alexandra Ripley, but by then she was over him and said no.

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Nope, she had her eyes on Rhett Butler all along! She loved that rascal and his carefree ways. Ashley was to common man and meek for her taste. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Damn!”

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No. And no. When you are really and truly in love, you don’t just walk away. You might try, but you won’t get away unscathed.

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NO…she enjoyed being miserable. Anyway, Ashley could have never handled her temperament!!!

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No! Rhett and Scarlett were made for each other. Sometimes it“s still not enough, sadly.
Ashley and Mel were too good and noble (and weak) for Rhett and Scarlett.

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It’s only a movie. Who cares? Whatever makes for good box office.

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@NoMore Who cares? Book lovers do, the ones who get engrossed in the story and really get to know the characters like they’re real, because to book lovers they are. God bless, I hope this helped.

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Not my kind of book.. and I was referencing the film anyway.

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I’m not sure there is anyone in her life who would have made her happy. She didn’t respect anyone who catered to her, and she didn’t like anyone who denied her in any way.

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