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Would you like Alexa to be cleverer than you?

Asked by flutherother (34626points) March 16th, 2023

To the extent of accurately predicting what you will like and delivering without even being asked.

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Yes. I would even let her chew for me too~.
Also she can roll me over to prevent bed sores.~

Truthfully I would like an order to be placed depending on what my nutritional needs are .

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I do not own, nor will I ever own an Alexa. The last thing I want is every word I speak to become part of Amazon’s market profile on me and have that data sold to the highest bidder. Why do people not value privacy anymore?

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Nope not at all. Screw that bitch AI junk trying to know everything about me and I don’t know why anyone would want that. People rely on that crap far too much these days, I never will. I’ll make my own decisions, thank you.

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Alexa will play different fart sounds if you ask her. I think that’s enough.

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She already tells me that it’s been x number of weeks since I placed my last order for whatever & asks if I want her to reorder for me. I always respond NO. I prefer to place my own order plus…I don’t trust Amazon to make wise decisions while ordering with my money!!! However, I do enjoy using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save. I have the option to skip any item I don’t need immediately; & so far, Alexa doesn’t get involved in that one.

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Not really. Just use it as an alarm clock to play 80s new wave for me at 5:00 am every morning. Really have no idea what else it can do besides alarm clock stuff.

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Alexa is at the bottom of my pond out back. The beaver’s were happy to have her join.

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@Forever_Free She’s talking to the beavers now. lol

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@Dig_Dug Yep. She keeps them in a supply of mud and dental floss.

No angry beavers in my pond!

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^^ I’m NOT touching that one…

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I get a lot of free music through Prime, so I listen to a lot of the Blues throughout the day. I also have access to my good old memories in the Classic Rock when the mood hits & can switch to Opera if I so desire. And I don’t have the clutter of having them hanging around cluttering my home.

I like the local weather option as it does come in handy when we’re having the change every 5 minute day. I also get weather alerts when the weather changes to nasty.

I don’t care for the shopping list option. Tried it & found Amazon to be way to freakin’ pushy once they get a handle on what you order. I also don’t like the spy option & work around that when I can!!!

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