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Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger is right that Trump can’t win?

Asked by JLeslie (65519points) April 27th, 2023 from iPhone

I saw Schwarzenegger in an interview last night and he said a few things that caught my interest.

He said if it is Trump vs. Biden, Biden wins.

He basically called Trump a Nazi, and said a lot of men in the US are being sucked into a message of hate like in Nazi Germany. He also said he thinks enough people see the hate and will not vote for Trump in the national election if the Republicans put him in.

He said the farther left the Democrats go, the harsher and more extreme the reaction will be from the right.

Here is an article and video.

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Lots of big brained “centrist” liberals were so certain that Trump couldn’t win in 2016 that he was given billions of dollars worth of free advertising to make sure he’d win the Republican nomination.

Regardless, you better hope Trump is the front runner this time, because DeSantis is the genuine lunatic fascist.

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If people vote for trump after all the stuff that has come out about him regarding voting fraud, coercion, rape, financial crimes, etc., then they have issues themselves. A lot of people, including my brother, that were trumpers have now turned away from him.
I don’t think it’s that they love Biden as much as they hate what trump stands for and think DeSantis is a nut job.

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He may be right about outcome, but not in reasoning. However, he’s allowed to express his opinions without fear of retaliation, so speak away, Terminator!

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Arnie is still clinging to his naive and infantile fantasy of the reasonable republican voter.

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Schwarzenegger is probably right. I think that Biden’s best chance of winning is if he’s running against Trump. And Trump’s best chance of winning if he runs against Biden.

Hoping Trump doesn’t get the Republican nomination. What a diabolical mess that would result in.

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@gondwanalon I agree. It’s crazy we may have to pick between two schmucks. I don’t trust either of them to do a good job for the American people but Trump didn’t have inflation like this. It’s a crapshoot.

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I think he is right because too many swing voters will not vote for Trump. (I call “swing voters” wishy-washers because they’ll vote one way one time, and when they don’t get what they want, will vote the other way the next time.)

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Yes he’s right. I don’t see Trump winning another national election.

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I don’t like Trump and I could never vote for someone who is for taking away women’s rights, weakening the labor movement, drilling in our beautiful national parks and all other kinds of evil.

However, I have zero confidence in Biden. I feel Biden has trouble stringing two sentences together, he rambles nonsense and when things are not carefully scripted, he is babbling some stupidity. It’s the butt of liberal late night show hosts, like Colbert. There’s no denying it. If Biden runs and wins and something happens to him, we’ll have Harris as President and she is not that impressive, to me.

Of my Republican friends and family members, some like Trump and some feel like he should get out of the way.

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I hope Ahnuld is right! Get the Biden to dah choppah! Save the country from the predatrump!

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Trump shouldn’t even be a candidate as he doesn’t believe in democracy.

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^^He believes in it. He believes he can wreck it. To prove he is an American god.

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Arnold wants a decent Republican to run, he’s not rooting for Biden, he’s just sure Trump stokes hate.

He said those haters in the end are losers. He named the confederate states and the Nazis in the same sentence. He said getting along is the way to go. I’m paraphrasing.

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I don’t spend any time listening to speculators who have zero relevance or knowledge.

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I think the only way for Dems to win is if Donald is running and wins the nomination. Its the only time enough Dems and liberals show up to vote to make a difference. People learned from the first time that not voting gets up someone like Trump. Republicans always vote in force, so that won’t change, but liberals and Dems no shows will show up if Trump is the alternative to Biden. If someone else won other than Trump that isn’t so hated, than Republicans may have a chance of winning because Republicans will support anyone who isn’t a Dem. Dems no-shows won’t show up if they feel the person is the equivalent to Biden or at least unknown, or not too controversial. People don’t vote too much on the issues any more. They just vote against other people. Its pretty much, who do I hate less.

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