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Best GRE Prep Course in Chicago?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) September 23rd, 2008

Can anyone recommend a good GRE prep course in Chicago? I have heard TestMasters is good but they don’t offer their course in Chicago. Any others? Kaplan? Princeton Review?

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Not Kaplan.

I offer the best GRE prep course, but I’m not in Chicago. I’ll look into those in Chicago later today and get back to you.

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Get a bunch of books, make a schedule, and stick to it. The whole point of the class is to force you to stick to a study schedule. Not worth $1000+.

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@nikipedia: You’re right. That is the point of the class. And, sadly, that would be the point of taking the class too!

So, if you have recommendations on which course is the most rigorous, please let me know.

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