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Recommend a back massager?

Asked by Jeruba (55330points) 1 month ago

When I overdo it, I often get terrific muscle pain and spasms in my back, mostly in the thoracic area but also in the lumbar. They last for hours. Sometimes the pain lasts for days; right now I’m on day 5.

I need a back massager that I can put behind my back either sitting or lying down. I want either no heat or optional heat. It has to be something that I can operate myself, not requiring someone else to apply.

There’s a ton of them on Amazon, but it’s hard to judge what’s good.

Do you have a recommendation for me?

If so, many thanks.

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I’ll be right over.

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I have a massage chair.
It’s a Panasonic EP1285.
It is remarkable, but it was expensive (I think it was $1300 at Costco).
I bought it when my back was really bad. These days my back is much better, so I never use it.

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