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Gentlemen, how often do you change your razor blades?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37400points) May 9th, 2023

I have had a reason to shave off my beard, and I’m faced with the knowledge that I’ve completely forgotten how often to change my razor blades.

My beard is not too thick, and the hairs are fine.

Do you change your blades weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly? Please help me remember. Mahalo.

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I shave about three times a week and change the blade every 4–5 weeks.

I use Harry’s products, by the way.

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I change when they lose effectiveness.

I have had a Phillips electric trimmer that I bought from a drug store 23 years ago for $160. The fine heads are broken and the parts lost, but the trimmer part still works perfectly. It is good for mustache and beards.

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I shave every day. I use shaving creme from a can – Barbasol, the cheap stuff.
The razors of the Gillette ProGlide with 5 blades. 4 on the front and one on the back for edging. I shave while in the shower so there is plenty of water and .
Given all those conditions, I replace the blade cartridge about once every 6 to 8 weeks.

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So far, when my electric razor breaks down or gets lost, so I need to buy a new one. So, approximately every 10–20 years, it seems.

Um, maybe I bought replacement blades once? Or maybe I just thought about it, and bought a new electric razor instead, before the previous one completely broke? I don’t really remember, as it was over 10 years ago.

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My husband has thick facial hair. He shaves on average 5 times a week. He replaces his blades about every 4–5 weeks. If he doesn’t replace he sometimes winds up with foliculitis. He probably should change blades more often, he is just being cheap about it, but the blades are expensive. He uses Gilette sensitive shaving gel, orange top. He shaves immediately after showering; he would never just walk up to the sink and shave.

You’ll be able to tell if the blade is starting to drag on your hairs or irritating your skin. Actually, sometimes you don’t notice until you finally put in a new blade and you realize you were shaving with a dull one for a while.

By the way I shave 2–3 times a week and replace every 6–8 weeks more or less if it’s a quality blade. The cheap ones a couple of weeks and in the trash.

Gillette will tell you to replace every 7–10 shaves. Something like that.

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It is based on if it is tugging and tearing versus cutting. I shave far less now that I work remote, perhaps 2–3 times a week on average.
I would say once every 2 months.
I use Gillette product exclusively yet have tried others. The others wear out very fast.

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I use double edge blades and change every 4 or 5 shaves or so. One of the bonuses of DE blades is that 200 cost less than a pack of Gillette cartridges.

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Like @cookieman < I use Harry’s products. I shave with Harry’s shave gel about 5 times a week. I change my blades about every three weeks.

If I have gone a whole weekend without shaving, I will shave with the old blade, but the next time I shave I will use a new blade.

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This all depends on the blade type and brand, your skin type, and how often you shave. I change mine monthly. I use the Defender Razor. I like how good it rinses as I don’t have good water pressure in the bathroom. I suggest trying different times of changing and see what works best for you.

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When you get to the point where you ask yourself if the blade needs to be changed…

…the blade needs to be changed.

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@SABOTEUR That is an excellent metric! I use that for other things as well.

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