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Can you use your phone in airplane mode in an airplane?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24639points) June 16th, 2023

Or will you be asked to turn it off

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Southwest Airlines has you put the phone in airplane mode, but then uses Wifi to deliver their entertainment. So airplane mode seems to only turn off the cellular signal (4G, 5g) but not wifi.

So the answer is YES, you can use your phone on a plane, but not to call people. Only to use wifi, read ebooks, or watch videos.

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Hmm, on my Android phone, Airplane Mode turns off both cell signal and wifi. If I then turn on wifi, the Airplane Mode status goes away.

IIRC, planes I’ve been on have only turned on their wifi after they are airborne.

But I haven’t been on a plane since about 2018, IIRC.

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Yes! You can use your phones in airplane mode. During taxi, take-off, and landing you are asked to have your phones put away in a secure place. Your carry-on bag or pocket, etc.

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My noise canceling headphones go on the moment I sit down. I use the planes wifi and don’t hear a thing they ask.

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On United you have to pay for WiFi generally.

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@janbb Flying Jet Blue back from a week in Bozeman today. It will be free all the way!

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