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Good free dialect quizzes?

Asked by BeeePollen (422points) July 5th, 2023

I like the NY Times dialect quiz from 2014 ( and I’m thinking it would be fun to do as a group at work.

But the NY Times one isn’t free; are there any good free ones out there?

Obviously we could find a workaround for the NYT one, but I don’t really want to do that at work.

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My cities were NYC, Yonkers, and Newark. When I was little I lived right next to Yonkers and my parents are from The Bronx.

The big give away of all of those questions is Mary, merry, and marry. I think only New Yorkers and NY adjacent say each of the three words differently.

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@BeeePollen The test you posted is free. i just took it and got the same as @JLeslie.

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@JLeslie, I grew up in a suburb of Boston, and I did. (Still do.) So did my friend from Connecticut.

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@Jeruba Do you mean the Mary, merry, and marry? It doesn’t surprise me that Boston and Connecticut also answer that they pronounce each word differently. I would consider those NY adjacent.

It is the Midwest and South that say at least two of them the same if not all three. I don’t know about California. Maybe California is similar to the northeast since so many New Yorkers are transplanted there.

I think the merry, Mary, and marry has been asked on fluther before. I could try to dig up that Q or ask again just out of curiosity.

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I think the purpose of the question is to find more free dialect quizzes, not how anything is pronounced.

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When I clicked on the link it very briefly showed the title of the quiz, then immediately went to a request to subscribe for $1/week. Couldn’t access the quiz. I believe the OP was saying that the paper/site wasn’t free, not that the quiz wasn’t. But I dunno. The OP hasn’t responded and only came back yesterday.

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@smudges I think you are correct: my issue is that I think you have to pay for NYT in order to access the quiz (beyond paying for internet, food to survive etc). But of course I could be wrong about that.

After further research, I think it may be possible to get creative with the url, that’s all I’ll say….

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^^ I agree about having to pay for access for a newspaper online. It sucks. I’m guessing they’ve lost so much money due to people not subscribing to real newspapers anymore that they decided to cash in online. I hope you find a go-around that works!! Screw them and their lousy buck a week!

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