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What is a game crack and how does it work?

Asked by Jude (32198points) January 31st, 2009

When wanting to play an online game (full version) for free.

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If I’m not mistaken on my old school computer lingo, a “game crack” is just a way to play a game without the CD, but that could’ve been expanded to mean more things by now I suppose.

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These days most every PC game requires a unique product key to be entered either during or after installation. The product key of course comes in the box when you buy the game from the store. This key is extremely essential if one is wanting to play whatever game online.

The reason being is that while groups are able to produce “key generators” that generate random keys matching the pattern used by a key for a particular game—and this is next bit is speculation but I’m sure close enough to the truth—each key that comes with a purchased copy of a game is in a database that is queried when someone tries to play a game online, and if their product doesn’t match any in the database then the key is detected as false and you won’t be able to play online.

Of course if you have a valid key, now a days it’s more common to be able to register the key with the publisher’s servers so that it can’t be used by anyone else.

Like Sakata said, a “crack” is just a way to by-pass CD protection so that you don’t need an actual game disk to play the game offline.

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Nowadays there are other “dial home” authentication methods on games that check for compliancy to rules before runtime (beyond CD checking).

A game crack, (or a crack for any program) modifies the gold master shipping code to bypass any legitimacy checking (methods including cd checking, serial codes, dial home checks, passwords, etc.).

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Oh, I thought you meant a game so addictive it’s like crack, like my son and call of duty.
my bad :-)

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If you’re talking about an online game though in the sense that gameplay only happens on the internet than cracks won’t work as the game provider can immediately patch any compromises to the system and also track down any perpetrators.

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Cracking online games is totally different from cracking non-online games, and most online game cracks don’t exist or don’t work because the game company has more control over knowing who is or is not a legitimate user.

With non-online games, one can crack the executable to ignore any CD detection or ignore any call-home code. As long as the game doesn’t rely on getting assets from the company’s server, you should be able to play the game with no problems.

It’s when you try to get assets from their servers that it becomes improbable/impossible to crack. First off, you usually need to log in, and when they catch a logged in user trying to do suspicious things (too many connections in a short amount of time, for instance, is a good sign that the user is using a third party program to attempt something, which goes against pretty much all game rules and terms you agreed to when signing up), they axe the account and may note your IP, making it harder for you to keep cracking it. Next, most online games are fueled by subscription fees, where no pay = no play. So now you have to fake a credit card transaction just to be able to keep cracking away at the core game. Not gonna happen.

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Crack is a program software that do piracy on a program. By using crack or patch you can use the software in full mode like a license software. Crack is a piracy and can be detect as virus.

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